Home Scandal and Gossip Tyler Lawrence loses testicle after fraternity hazing gone bad, 14 charged.

Tyler Lawrence loses testicle after fraternity hazing gone bad, 14 charged.

Tyler Lawrence loses testicle after fraternity hazing
The Gobbler house

Cops have arrested up to 14 individuals after a fraternity hazing ritual went wrong leaving Wilmington College student, Tyler Lawrence without a testicle.

The hazing ritual courtesy of Wilmington College’s Gamma Phi Gamma house came to take place last Halloween on October 30th, 2013.

During the hazing, fraternity members took turns hitting the fraternity hopeful in the groin with a knotted towel, before surgeons were later forced to remove one of the Tyler Lawrence’s testicles due to the severity of the injury he would incur.

The incident would leave the frat house kicked off campus until at least 2019.

At the time, Gamma Phi Gamma which had existed as a fraternity since 1907 petitioned the ruling but to no avail.

Told College president Jim Reynolds via the Dayton Daily News at the time: ‘This is really incongruent with our values what happened that night.’

Along with Tyler Lawrence, two other individuals had come along with the hopes of being pledged into the fraternity, dubbed ‘Gobbler House.’ 

During the hazing ritual, all three were blindfolded and led into into the basement of ‘Gobbler House,’ which had been filled with about three inches of water.

From there, the three were ordered to lie on the wet floor and pretend they were swimming.

Afterwards, the hopefuls were instructed to remove all of their clothes except for the blindfold.

As the students stood naked in the basement, one of the fraternity members allegedly rubbed a substance similar to the muscle balm Icy Hot on their nipples, backs, buttocks and scrotums.

According to a police affidavit, about 20 Gamma Phi Gamma members either actively participated in the ritual or watched from the sidelines.

As part of the initiation, the pledges had Limburger cheese stuffed into their mouths and were ordered to simulate a sexual act with a ‘ball of stuffing’.

Kids, I’m going to have to pause for a moment, while I gently stir my chamomile tea….


Things took a dangerous turn when, according to the police affidavit, the fraternity members hit the pledges with towels and shirts that had their ends tied in knots.

Lawrence was struck in the testicles and crumpled to the ground, clutching his injured groin in pain, the affidavit stated.

The criminal justice major was then helped to his feet, and unbelievably the rite continued with the brothers stuffing bananas soaked in vinegar into the mouths of the three pledges, who were told that they were eating excrement.

Following the ‘Gobbler House’ initiation, Lawrence complained of severe pain in his groin and was rushed to Clinton Memorial Hospital, where doctors had to cut off a testicle that was damaged in the alleged hazing.

Interestingly at the time of the hazing, Lawrence Tyler told,Everything is being hyped up,’  adding he had been accepted by the fraternity and that his parents supported his decision to stay in Gamma Phi Gamma.

Reiterated Tyler: ‘We’re all just sticking together as brothers do,’

 ‘I love every one of those guys in there [and] they all love me.’

The Clinton County prosecutor’s office has since told each suspect is charged with either misdemeanor assault or hazing.

Because your  desire to prove and assert your manhood and masculinity may ultimately cost you your masculinity as well…


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