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Queen Elizabeth appalled with Kate Middleton bum naked photo scandal

Kate Middleton butt
Why didn’t Kate Middleton heed Queen Elizabeth’s orders?

It seems Queen Elizabeth is one not too happy with the drama that has played out since the  Kate Middleton bum naked photo scandal has played out. Although the royal family hasn’t publicly commented on the latest fiasco, it is widely thought that the Queen is outraged given the fact she had specifically demanded that Kate Middleton dress a particular way, especially whilst on tour. Advice it seems Kate Middleton did little to heed.

Australian media now runs Kate Middleton butt pictures. Are they wrong? 

(NSFW) Should Kate Middleton butt picture be pulled down by Bild? 

(NSFW) Kate Middleton naked butt photographed in Australia. 

In fact prior to jetting off to Australia and New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth had issued a strict edict of what and how she expected Kate Middleton to dress and behave on behalf of the royal family, especially after the most recent fiasco which caught Kate Middleton topless and bottomless  to the chagrin of the royal family.

One would have assumed that Kate Middleton would have known enough to at the very least wear her underwear whilst on public engagement, unless of course the Queen failed to clearly spell that out to Kate.

After yet with over a year of trying to make up for her scandalous topless photos, Kate Middleton has once again fallen from the good graces of Queen Elizabeth. Do you think that the Queen will forgive Kate for her latest indiscretion, or is this Kate’s third strike? She should follow the Queen’s rules from now on. No ifs, ands, or butts buts.

The dilemma of being in the public eye and a royal to boot indeed ….

Kate Middleton butt

Queen Elizabeth thinks Kate Middleton’s skirts are too short

Kate Middleton topless pictures now leads to Irish Daily Star editor resigning 

Paparazzo who took nude topless Kate Middleton photos identified. To be imminently arrested….

What a shame! Pippa Middleton’s career being ruined by Kate Middleton topless pictures crises.

Breaking: Danish mag now denies new Kate Middleton bottomless photos will appear.

NSFW: Kate Middleton bottomless and topless photos here. Will the royal house pursue legal action?

NSFW: Here are Kate Middleton topless and now bottomless pictures courtesy of Danish magazine Se og Hør.

Kate Middleton topless: Only one in five Brits have seen the photos…

Kate Middleton nude images lead to police raid on Closer mag offices. Overkill?

Danish magazine now set to publish Kate Middleton topless pictures. Suck it up Kate…

Kate Middleton topless pictures. Spoiled, presumptuous and simply asking for it…?

So what! Kate Middleton wins hollow court victory.

Kate Middleton pictures. Court to order criminal investigation against Closer magazine and photographer.

Court rules Kate Middleton topless pictures must be handed to her within 24 hours.

Kate Middleton nude pictures were sparked by animosity towards royal house by Silvio Berlusconi.

Valerie Suau is now suspected of taking Kate Middleton topless pictures.

The bastardization of Kate Middleton…

Court will decide tomorrow on Kate Middleton pictures. Closer mag defiant.

Oh my! Kate Middleton naked pictures: Here they are courtesy of Chi magazine Italy….

Kate Middleton topless pictures published on Italy’s Chi magazine. Sales sluggish…

Kate Middleton is greeted by topless dancers and she barely winces. Sort of…

NSFW: Kate Middleton topless pictures. Royals to seek criminal charges against Closer and Italy’s Chi magazine.

Kate Middleton topless. Porn company now wants to run sexual pictures said to exist.

Kate Middleton topless. Photographer Valerie Suau said to have taken pictures…

Kate Middleton topless. Italy’s Chi magazine plans to run 50 new intimate pictures.

Kate Middleton topless photos now published on Irish Daily Star and Italian gossip site Chi.

NSFW. Kate Middleton topless photos removed from Closer magazine’s website. But should they have to?

NSFW: Kate Middleton topless nude photos stir privacy and royal debate.

Pippa Middleton wants to reassure you, you can still find her topless on the web.

NSFW: Kate Middleton’s cousin Katrina Darling nearly loses her thong during burlesque striptease.