Home Scandal and Gossip Mark Lampman, teacher who had inappropriate sexual relation with student commits suicide.

Mark Lampman, teacher who had inappropriate sexual relation with student commits suicide.

Mark Lampman
What led to one teacher shooting himself a day after resigning his post as teacher amidst allegations he was maintaining predatory sexual liaisons with a student?

Mark Lampman, a Texas high school teacher committed suicide yesterday, a day after resigning from his post following allegations of an improper sexual relations with a student.

Mark Lampman, 47, a government teacher at Permian High School in Odessa was found by deputies in West Odessa on Wednesday afternoon in an open field, the Odessa American reported. The cause of death involved a single gunshot wound to the head.

The teacher is said to have worked at the school for 17 years and was also the assistant girls golf coach. The teacher leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

His death comes after four female teachers have been accused of maintaining improper sexual relations with students at the school over the last year.

The man’s death follows the resignation of fellow teacher, Alisha Carrasco Knighten, an assistant softball coach at Permian last week amid allegations that she too had maintained improper relationship with a student.

Pursuant to an investigation being launched, Knighten was placed on paid administrative leave on April 28 before resigning two days later.

Another unidentified female teacher resigned earlier this month over similar allegations according the the local paper.

In April 2013, swimming and diving coach Kathryn Maples, 28, resigned over allegations of an improper relationship with a 17-year-old student.

She was indicted in June on three charges of an improper relationship including sending sexually explicit photographs to a student and online solicitation.

Mark Lampman
Alisha Carrasco Knighten resigned last week two days after being put on administrative paid leave on allegations of sexual liaisons with a student.

A trainer at Permian, April Collins, 28, also reigned that month over allegations of an improper relationship with a 19-year-old student.

She was indicted in June on four counts of sending sexual images and online solicitation.

If convicted, the pair could face anywhere between two and 20 years in prison and a possible fine of up to $10,000.

No date has yet been set for either trial.

Ector County Independent School District were forced to respond to angry online postings by students and teachers in the wake of the sex scandal.

Read an issued statement: ‘Our ECISD family is deeply saddened by the events that unfolded. The remaining days and weeks of the school year will be very difficult at Permian High School. In an immediate response there will be crisis counselors available to all students and faculty members tomorrow and Friday,’ 

‘We know and understand emotions are raw, and we have seen a number of very inappropriate and hateful posts to social media sites this evening. 

‘Out of respect for the families involved in this tragedy, we are urging everyone to remove all angry messages from all accounts and refrain from posting any more. This type of dialogue is not helpful, nor is it healing.’

‘We consider ourselves part of the same team – the same family – and we must work together to get through a difficult time like this.’

On a Facebook page called “Memories of Mark Lampman” a family spokeswoman said an account has been set up at West Texas Educators Credit Union in Odessa for donations in-lieu of flowers. Donations will help with expenses and to help his daughters’ future; the name is under Mark Lampman.

Mark Lampman
April Collins resigned in April 2013 amid allegations of sexual impropriety with a student.

Ector County Independent School District spokesman Mike Adkins told Odessa American the allegations were ‘alarming and disappointing.’

‘Another allegation of this sort is alarming and disappointing.’

‘The school district provides training to address this issue each year, and we plan more in the future,’ he said.  

‘Our teachers are hired to teach, support, and inspire our students to great achievement and it is unacceptable to an educator to cross the line from professional to personal relationship. We are glad these allegations are being reported, and we investigate every report that comes to us. We will do everything in our power to address this immediately.’

Mark Lampman
Kathryn Maples also resigned in April 2013 and was indicted with a second-degree felony charge due to an inappropriate relationship with a student