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Kate Upton doesn’t think her butt gets enough attention….

Kate Upton butt
Is Kate Upton butt’s getting the attention it deserves?

In an intriguing interview, Sports Illustrated buxom beauty Kate Upton has told the outlet that she doesn’t think her butt (that’s derriere for you uppity types) does not get enough attention.

Allow me to chaff at the collar for the moment before continuing.

Told the model to crew shooting her on the Cook Islands for an upcoming shoot: ‘You know what, my butt doesn’t get that much attention, so I think this shot will get it the attention it deserves,’

Momentary pause as the squirrels scurrying past me wipe the drool off the floor…

Asked on the other hand why she thinks her bikini top is being made smaller (naturally) the model replies:

‘Because you know it helps me appear larger up top, which clearly I need help in.’

Or does she?

Kate Upton butt

Goes on to tell the model: ‘There’s something special about an S.I. shoot because of the crew, everybody on set it feels like family and friends to me and we’re all just joking and laughing and having fun.

‘I feel warm, I feel great, I feel excited…hashtag best shoot ever!’

What do you think kids, has the media failed to pay enough attention to Kate Upton’s butt? Or is that just the normal state of affairs- the omnipresent sexualization and commodification of women’s appearances?

Well at least Kate Upton is getting paid well and getting that much needed bikini tan line she’s been in want of….

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