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Danish voting sex cartoon scraped. Does sex lure voters?

Danish voting sex cartoon
The myriad ways politicians are attempting to get voters to vote….

Danish voting sex cartoon might be just too ahead of the times?

It seems the Danish government may have achieved the attention it sought but not necessarily for the reasons which prompted the creation of a sex cartoon purportedly designed to urge voters to the polls ahead of upcoming European Parliament elections.

It is believed the government had been at pains to get the electorate back to the poll after less than luster turn outs in the recent past which of course prompted the creation of a topless leather vested muscle bound sex star with a handle bar mustache by the name of Voteman to stir the masses.

The new advert which would eventually be cancelled almost as quickly and mysteriously as it began running on accounts of implications of explicit lewd acts starts off with the visage of Voteman getting it on with what appears to be 5 naked women, one of whom might or might not be attending to fellatio. Yes kids, this is what politics has digressed today. Sex instead of content and issues, but anything for a bunch of laughs.

From there our cartoon comic hero is seen punching non voters in the face and barging into couple’s bedroom whilst they are having sex and presumably imploring them to get to the polls instead. Because as we all realize making sure a politician gets another round at the gory table is more profound than one’s measly once a week orgasm.

Told Danish politician, Anders Samuelsen, a Liberal Alliance party MP after an onslaught of criticism directed at the new ad hit the airwaves: ‘I can’t understand that you would use violence against women, porn, and the handout of I don’t know how many slaps as an argument for people to go and vote.’

In defending the advertisement, parliament chairman Mogens Lykketoft reiterated: ‘We are trying to inspire the very young.

‘A high turnout is important, so you use every method you can. There was a bit of discussion in parliament, but I do think it is quite innocent. You can find much worse.’

Added Lykketoft: ‘Reactions on social media are sharply divided between those who find it unacceptably lame and those who find it to be crude but acceptable humor that could raise awareness of the election on 25 May,’

‘The latter was the intention.’

However, in an email sent to members of staff later in the day the politician conceded: ‘Many people whose opinions I deeply respect have perceived the cartoon from the EU information centre as far more serious and offensive than it was intended – and believe it talks down to young people.

‘I acknowledge that the parliament as an institution, should be more careful in the future about what we put our name on.’

Martin Jørgensen, parliament’s EU election co-ordinator, said: ‘It is first and foremost intended to draw attention to the election and the date.

‘It needs to be fun and interesting to get the message across.’

Isn’t it time you lured voters with the promise of a blowjob too …?



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