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V Stiviano gave the tapes because Donald Sterling was siding with his wife.

V Stiviano
Why did she give the tapes away?

It is now being revealed that V Stiviano the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal gave the tapes that incriminated him as a racist because she feared that her ‘sponsor’ might be siding with his wife in a recent suit that she had launched against Donald Sterling’g girlfriend.

The revelation comes via speculation that V Stiviano who grew up in an extremely impoverished upbringing feared that she might have to give up the bounty she had collected from Donald Sterling over the years as a result of him now being held accountable to his wife of 56 years who could theoretically take her husband to the cleaners.

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Who is V Stiviano, Donald Sterling’s mistress? Jilted muse or vindictive gold digger? 

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According to Donald Sterling’s wife who launched a recent suit against V Stiviano, Rochelle Sterling claimed that V Stiviano had illicitly attained assets and funds from her estranged husband.

Her suit seeks the return of ‘her’ $1.8-million L.A. duplex as well as a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover she said her husband bought for Stiviano.

via the latimes: According to property records, Stiviano purchased the duplex in December 2013. Rochelle Sterling says that she allowed her husband to pay for the house, believing that her name would be on the deed along with his.

Donald Sterling also gave Stiviano $240,000 for living expenses, according to the lawsuit, amounting to $2 million of community property that he allegedly spent on Stiviano without his wife’s knowledge.

That said V Stiviano has responded in her suit that Rochelle Sterling must have known that her husband led romantic affairs outside of their marriage.

Her lawyer, Mac Nehoray to date has also told that Stiviano and the 80-year-old Clippers owner never had a sexual or romantic relationship and that descriptions of her as his mistress in the media and in a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife were erroneous.

Nehoray said Sterling’s wife was friendly with Stiviano and was aware he had purchased an apartment for her.

To date V Stiviano and Mac Nehoray maintain she didn’t give the tapes to TMZ and that she’s ‘devastated’ by what has happened.

Nevertheless her Instagram account paints a very different picture.

Around the time the legal papers were served by Rochelle’s lawyers, Stiviano posted several Instagram messages apparently teasing her followers about the big news ahead.

In one, she posted a picture of herself looking through binoculars out to sea in a bikini. The caption read: ‘It’s all coming out!’

Two weeks ago, she posted a picture of a Tupac track playing on her Bentley’s sound system called ‘All Eyes on Me’. This could have been meaningless, had it not been for her then attaching the hashtags #wallstreetjournal #newsweekly #randomhouse #publishers #nytimes among many others.



V Stiviano

V Stiviano

V Stiviano

V Stiviano

V Stiviano

V Stiviano

V Stiviano


  1. so using “blackmail” is right? She should be jailed for the fact she lied about someone else releasing these tapes when it is apparent she released them with those forewarning.

  2. he has himself & his silly wife to blame—
    why shld she sue her? his money …he gave her the gifts…over a period of time…she didn’t care he had a mistress as he brought her to the games…even posed in photo…but as soon as she learned it was more than designer goodies & $ …the apt- she felt was too much as it was purchased for her in her name….so she sues!

    these were gifts & rightfully belong to stiviano-by law

    —wife opened up this can of worms –by suing -they are worth billions!
    they cld have taken the loss—but in greed went suing her-
    –so Stiviano bit back!….shes a young person involved in a multi -million dollar suit …placed by a billionaire….. w/o real tangible income/ assets –other than gifts provided by her ex—i can’t say that i blame her!
    she had her ammo and used it when the time was right
    –don’t know if she wanted all that came down on him—but sure, she wanted to stop litigation!

    as for golddigger….come on—i’d say opportunist!
    he’s in his 80’s—she’s only in her 20’s! sure neither thght it was a love match —just a simple quid pro quo— he was a sugar daddy…and she was his sugar baby —-the hitch…his racist views- in light that she is ethnic—and stupid wife starting litigation against her!

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