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Naked Bosnian judge fired reinstated

Naked Bosnian judge fired
Naked Bosnian judge fired

A top judge from Bosnia and Herzigovina has won the right to return to work after she had been previously fired for stripping naked and sunbathing in plain view prior to attending court.

The Bosnian judge’s fate was sealed after eagle eyed workers across the way spotted her and posted saucy snaps of Enisa Bilajac, 35 taking in the morning sun, completely nude.

Female Bosnian judge fired after caught sunbathing naked on office desk.

Upon the images making their way onto a local paper the woman’s behavior was scrutinized and at the time an inquiry decided the woman should be removed from her role as judge.

In subsequent proceedings the woman claimed that the sunbathing was part of her morning ritual and that she had locked the door to prevent anyone else from entering.

Ultimately the committee assessing her behavior deemed it unintentional and stripped the judge of all blame by reversing their dismissal.

Of note, Bosnia’s overriding system of faith is Muslim which has led to some observers wondering to what degree if any religious codes or mores or rules pertaining to women may have shaped the inquest’s initial decision. Of course one would be curious to know if the judge would still have been fired had they instead being a young male Bosnian judge sunbathing naked?

Naked Bosnian judge fired
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  • Lady Light

    She can be all the nudist she wants to be…..at a nudist camp or in privacy of her home without others having to view her nudity.

  • may be she is a nudist? let her back to work