Home Scandal and Gossip Mexican girl murders best friend after she posted naked pictures on Facebook.

Mexican girl murders best friend after she posted naked pictures on Facebook.

Mexican girl murders best friend
Why did two girls who once considered themselves sisters have a major falling out? Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez (right) accused of murdering best friend Anel Baez

Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, a 16 year old Mexican girl has been accused of brutally murdering her best friend, Anel Baez, 16 after her victim posted naked images of the pair on Facebook.

At the time of the murder, authorities came to find the victim had been stabbed a total of 65 times in the back. Prior to the fall out the two girls had referred to each other as sisters.

Invited by Baez to the family house for the purposes of reconciliation, Erandy feigned wanting to use the bathroom when instead she took to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and returned to repeatedly stab her best friend.

From there authorities tell Erandy fled, but not before trying to cover her tracks by grieving with friends of the pair and incredulously attending Anel’s funeral a few days later.

It is there that police eventually arrested her.

Earlier in the year Erandy took to Twitter to send chilling threats to her once best friend. It is believed the friend had come to resent her ‘sister’ after she took to posting naked images of the pair on Facebook.

‘It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times,’ she wrote on an account that has since been deleted.

Anel was also told she would be ‘lucky to survive until the end of the year.’

Her Facebook page – which is yet to be taken down – reveals a tragic look inside the lives of two young pals who would one day become victim and alleged murderer.

Since the murder of Anel Baez, both high school students of the UAS located in that city, university authorities implemented on campus a series of lectures and talks aimed at promoting greater understanding and harmony.

Told Dr. Juan Eulogio Liera War: ‘Right now what we need is to have young healthy, proactive, ensuring us that tomorrow is going to be essentially unity in the family as a way to preserve peace, values, tranquility and have a better world.’

It is expected police will lay murder charges in the coming days. Under Mexican law, Erandy faces a maximum of seven years in prison if found guilty.

Mexican girl murders best friend
Anel Baez