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Meredith Powell: Fourth student now accuses math teacher of sex

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The misbehavior of Meredith Powell continues

A fourth high school student has come out to accuse former math teacher, Meredith Powell of Washington‘s Lincoln High school of having sexually abused him. The latest allegation comes off the back of previous assertions in February of this year of three other students at the school.

At the time Meredith Powell, 24 confessed to performing sex acts with multiple students, one as young as 15, inside her locked classroom, as well as sending them sexual images of herself.

The teacher previously faced two counts of child rape and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Pictures: Meredith Powell math teacher sentenced (only) 6 months after sex with students 

Meredith Powell, math teacher rapes two student boys and sends pictures to a third.

The latest allegation may force the former teacher to face a new charge for sexual misconduct with a minor.

KOMO News reports that court documents detail how Meredith Powell allegedly engaged in sex with a then 17-year-old student in her class after he asked her about raising his math grade.

Powell asked: ‘You’ll do anything?’ She then reached over, unzipped the boy’s pants and touched his penis. She also reportedly told him: ‘This stays between us.’

The new victim confessed to his mother after she noticed a change in his behavior and saw the story about Powell on the news.

Detectives interviewed the unidentified victim last week.

The district is devising a support plan for each student and their family, including counseling.

Reiterated Dan Voelpel with the Tacoma School District: ‘These are very difficult circumstances for the victims and their families, so we design a custom plan for each student based on their particular needs,’

Tacoma police initially questioned Meredith Powell after learning she had written a letter to one of the boy’s girlfriends apologizing for ‘promiscuous’ and ‘unprofessional’ drunken text messages she exchanged with one of the boys.

This led to the teacher being arrested and placed on unpaid leave.

Police said Powell began a relationship with the three students – who are between the ages of 15 and sixteen – in January.

Powell allegedly told police the relationships began when she was intoxicated and sent a text to the students, saying they were ‘hot’, following back-and-forth communication.

Powell said she apologized to the students the next morning, and also sent a letter to one of the defendant’s girlfriends in an attempt to explain what happened.

After interviewing the victims, who said they had sexual contact with Powell behind a lock door in her classroom, police again interviewed Powell.

She allegedly admitted to engaging in oral sex with one of the students and other sex acts with another at different times in late January.

She also sent at least one of the victims a Snapchat photo of her in the bathtub.

She told police she knew her actions were wrong, and that she would apologize to the student’s parents if she could.

Powell was hired by the Tacoma Public School district in September 2012.

She was released from Pierce County Jail under her own recognizance following her first court appearance.

At the time a Facebook page Free Powell was set up with, one student, Tabitha Maxine writing Powell was an excellent teacher and the allegations were ‘bologna.’

‘Miss Powell is such a caring and amazing math teacher, she has so much patience with those that are struggling to learn and she brings so much life and energy into her classroom with her every day,’ she wrote.

‘I’m absolutely appalled at the audacity of the student who accused her of such a horrible crime.’

Meredith Powell teacher

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