Home Scandal and Gossip Here are Janice Griffith naked pictures. Will now sue Dan Bilzerian.

Here are Janice Griffith naked pictures. Will now sue Dan Bilzerian.

Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith has officially entered our public consciousness

In the short space of a day and half, Janice Griffith has gone from an anonymous nobody to a national talking point. Why? Because the slinky naked 19 year old dared to have her foot broken courtesy of Instagram‘s Dan Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian arrested. Explosives charges, faces 6 years jail

### Pictures: Vanessa Castano is the model who got kicked in the face by Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian’s lawyer sends Janice Griffith polite letter to fxck off 

Video: Instagram’s Dan Bilzerian throws a porn star onto cement and breaks her foot 

Dan Bilzerian voted most interesting man on instagram?

Welcome to the gaudy life of Dan Bilzerian, the Instagram Playboy king.

Since images of the sometimes model/mostly porn star have begun making the rounds, questions have been asked as to how Janice Griffith came to be in the company of Dan Bilzerian the day he threw off his roof and accidentally broke her foot, if she makes a habit of being courted by other millionaire playboy types (then again isn’t that what being a pornstar gives you automatic license for?) and if she now intends to make a name for herself as a budding hot piece of ass?

For her part Janice Griffith has told it was her first time meeting Dan and she had come to his home for a magazine photo shoot. Which magazine was not specified and why that shoot involved her being naked was also not specified. What else has not specified is if Dan Bilzerian makes a habit of picking up naked women the first time he ever meets them and literally tossing them over a roof and into a pool below. Is that what bravado and lots of money does to people?

Lest you think that Janice and Dan have simply swept the incident of her manhandling her under the carpet there are now reports that the 19 year old beauty is being ‘coached’ to take Dan to the cleaners. That’s backhand talk when lawyers come up with brilliant ideas and ask you to point your finger at rich types.

via tmz: ‘….and even though she danced around the subject of her lawyer … it definitely looks like she’s being coached.

Translation: Bilzerian better get his checkbook ready.

Janice claims she’s already missed several jobs — including a big one for Kink.com — and she won’t be able to work again for several more weeks. The worst part, she says Bilzerian never ONCE apologized for the accident.’

Needless to say none of this will ever go to court. Dan will just reach into his piggy bank by the toilet seat and throw a couple of 20 and 30 000 dollar after thoughts in the direction of Janice Griffin. Not that he probably wasn’t planning on it anyway….

Enjoy the pics below. I pulled them off Janice’s twitter account.

Janice Griffith naked
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
Janice Griffith naked pictures
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  • Marius

    i understand it was a penthouse shoot and the throwing was supposed to be part of the shoot.
    Seems to me that it is then a labor injury and I presume penthouse is responsible for cost

  • raptor45

    As far as porn actresses go I like Janice and I think she’s quite pretty but I’d love to see her without those godawful tattoos, piercings and gauges. I’m always at a loss when I try to understand why this generation embraces the whole body mod thing.

  • stupid whore

    she was super hot before the tattoos and stretching her ear lobes so a 2″ circle would fit…

  • lareux

    The whole thing was a set up ‘stunt’ that was coordinated with her ‘people.’ She knew exactly what she was getting into, and there was even a signed contract detailing what would take place. The problem was that she grabbed his shirt while he was throwing her (which she was explicitly told NOT to do for obvious reasons), which made her hit the edge of the pool. She isn’t going to get a penny from him, and his lawyer sent her lawyer a letter stating exactly that. Dan’s lawyer outlined everything very clearly, especially that she clearly gave her consent for the stunt, and that the only reason she was injured was due to her grabbing his shirt.

  • local fan

    she went to somers high school real loser i heard

  • Reeves DeCuir

    Looking at the distance between the pool and the building, she’s lucky he had enough strength for her to clear the edge of the pool. Not real bright on either party’s part to be involved in such a stunt, but then she chose to be a porn star so there you have it.

  • ben

    Yuuuuuuuk,she’s really not much to look at, and a whore too, I’ll pass.

  • 18235

    if the dumb 19 yr old hadn’t been thrown off the roof, I wouldn’t have known she even existed, with her all her available porn photos on the internet—-a win win situation for everybody.