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Amani Terrell strips to prove fat is beautiful too.

Amani Terrell
Amani Terrell would like to remind America being beautiful comes in many forms, shapes and sizes too.

Amani Terrell has dared to challenge America what counts for body beautiful as the 260 pound, 20 year old stripped down to a bikini and strutted along Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame.

Needless to say Amani Terrell’s performance merited a slew of positive and negative comments from bystanders.

One man yelled out that he had lost his appetite, while another exclaimed  ‘that’s sexy right there,’  whilst a young woman reacted: ‘I think it’s fantastic, I had issues with self-esteem, I give you credit.’

Asked as to what prompted her, Amani Terrell told she wanted to show that being beautiful comes in all shapes and sized and the prevailing wisdom of having to be fashionably thin just doesn’t cut it.

Reiterated the 20 year old: ‘I live in a city where ‘thin’ is fashionable and there’s a ‘mass hysteria of perfection.’

‘I came up with this idea because I live in Hollywood and there’s this mass hysteria of perfection in this town. There’s a misconception that big women have low self-esteem. I don’t have low self-esteem.’

‘Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. It starts in your mind.’

Writing on Facebook, the native Californian told: ‘There are a lot of women that I’ve met who have low self-esteem.

‘There are kids who are bullied because of their weight. So many people preach “self-love”, however they never wear bathing suits.’

Amani Terrell

Amani Terrell cautioned that she did not set out to promote obesity and realizes she needs to lose weight.
Rather she revealed, her message is more that she loves herself regardless.

Tells Terrell: ‘So many people preach “self-love”, however they never wear bathing suits’

‘You have to love yourself from a size 25 until you get to your desired weight,’ 

‘You can’t seek validation from others, it has to come from within.’ 

The UK’s dailymail (the irony is just too much to bear) points out a study by the University of Michigan last year that found that social media is contributing to the problem of low self-esteem with people constantly comparing themselves to others.

‘The more you used Facebook, the more your mood dropped,‘ lead researcher, Ethan Kross, said.

Amani Terrell

Amani Terrell advises people to switch off from what’s happening around them and to concentrate on themselves instead.

You cannot seek validation from other people. 

‘This world is very cruel. You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself.’

The scantily-clad Amani Terrell says she is planning more empowering walks in a bid to spread her message.

‘New York has the cowboy, the Naked Cowboy,’ she noted. ‘Well, Los Angeles is going to have the plus-sized bikini girl on Hollywood Boulevard.’

Reflected Amani Terrell poignantly: ‘You can not seek validation from the world, you must seek it from yourself.’

Which posits the awkward question why do so many seek validation from the outside world on an ongoing basis anyway?

Amani Terrell