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Will you be using the Vladimir Putin Butt plug too?

 Vladimir Putin Butt plug
Vladimir Putin Butt plug may be the pick me up that you have been looking for…

Talk about abject hostility of the anal sort….

Fernando Sosa a self described political artist has created a 3D butt plug print in the shape of Russia’s Vladimir Putin‘s head and torso.

Although some have wondered if the device (for a lack of a better word) is safe enough to use ‘per self,’ Sosa has told via his blog that on account of the Vladimir Putin Butt plug crafted out of full color sandstone enthusiasts ought to hold off. Sandstone as he reminds us is not the ideal device one ought to consider inserting in any cavity of one’s body. But hopefully one will come to appreciate the rigor and austerity of his latest project.

Asked why he chose the Russian leader as his latest experiment into murky waters the artist told: Since i started designing this butt plug Putin invaded Ukraine and Republicans have developed a fetish for Putin. I honestly feel that is pretty unpatriotic that the right is now worshiping Putin in order to attack Obama. So i almost wish i could send a couple of these to Fox news since they are so in love with him.

Which is the artist jawboning about how terrible politicians and the media as a whole really are and how symbolically convenient it could be if he could just offer indelible love toys for particular journalists.

Not that of course you can’t try ramming one in your periphery as well.

Personally I am waiting for the safer pink silicone version comes out before I advise the squirrels nibbling at my feet to show Vladimir Putin how much love they have for him. Not that some of you squirrels won’t just resort to sandstone anyway…

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