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Valerie Dodds, model who posed nude at Catholic school sentenced to 45 days jail.

Valerie Dodds
Valerie Dodds is ready to be on your conscious once again

Valerie Dodds, a 19 year old model who posed nude and filmed graphic footage at her old Catholic high school, St. Pius X High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. has been sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Responding to the sentence, the teen told she would treat her stay at Lancaster County Jail, Nebraska which commenced yesterday as a ‘really bad vacation.’

Reiterated Valerie Dodds who is also known as Val MidWest online: ‘I feel like I’m harmless as to what I did, and they are definitely bringing the hammer as far as the sentencing goes,’

Valerie Dodds shoots smut film at her former school as payback

Valerie Dodd’s story first came to prominence last June when she was charged with indecent exposure after posing nude on the football field and inside Pius X High School and masturbating on campus.

She said it was a way to get back at her former classmates and teachers who scorned her dream of working in the adult entertainment industry.

She had attended the school before transferring to another school for her senior year.

Told Valerie Dodds at the time: ‘Everyone in my high school had something nasty to say to me when I started my website and so this is my tribute to all of you,’

Valerie Dodds

But days after baring it all, she received a ticket for trespassing and public nudity.

‘Why would you give me a ticket for public nudity if I’m trespassing onto private property?‘ she asked.

Dodd’s website manager, Shane Harrington, added: ‘It may be wrong, and some people may not agree, but I always believe if you’re attacked, you defend yourself.’

After Dodds received a ticket, St Pius X school said in a statement that they would pursue the case if she had done anything illegal.

‘We constantly follow our school’s motto: To Restore All Things In Christ,’ the statement said.

‘To that end, we are praying for the young lady and her family, and we stand ready to offer forgiveness and support should she seek it.’

But Dodds added on her website: ‘The school has already had an all school prayer for me and I am getting bombarded with crazy emails from teachers, priests and friends.

‘But f*** em I am going to keep getting naked. I think I was born to do this, I have never had so much fun in my life and it’s just starting out. I can’t wait to see what it’s like in a couple years from now.’

Dodds’ lawyer, Chad Wythers said her sentencing is the longest sentence he’s heard of for indecent exposure. A district court judge will hear her appeals case next week.

Valerie Dodds



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