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Todd English’s ex throws drink at him after catching him making out with two women.

Candice Sonneman
Candice Sonneman is also a preferred hawt bixch. Are you game to make out with Todd in a hot and sweaty nightclub booth at 4am in the morning?

Chef Todd English may have bit more than he bargained for this weekend when his former flame of 3 years, fashion designer, Candice Sonneman threw a drink at the celebrity chef’s face after catching him making out with two broads simultaneously at NYC’s Provocateur nightclub. Indeed.

Todd English and Jilted Bride in desperate need of book deal.

Reports page six: Page Six on Wednesday reported the culinary lothario was making out simultaneouslywith an Asian woman and a white woman in a booth at the Meatpacking club until the early morning.

But we’re also told that while the inebriated English was sandwiched between the two babes, stunner Sonneman, who has dated the playboy chef for more than three years, barged up to him and threw a drink in his face.

“She flipped out and got very angry with him,” one witness told us. Another witness said Sonneman threw a drink at him, then shouted, “How could you do this? . . . We dated for over three-and-a-half years!”

We’re told English tried to calm things down, but she stormed out of the club in tears.

Oh dear. I’m going to have to take an extra long swig of my morning chamomile tea and digest this shit.

What do you think kids? Was Todd acting up on purpose in front of his ex? Did he even know she was at the club and if so could a smidgen of tact been the appropriate route? Then again Todd English is a hawt bixch who can’t resist serving up sizzling appetizers and then some…

Told a source of Todd’s extracurricular fun: ‘He was so annihilated. He wasn’t even coherent,’

‘He was literally having a threesome in front of everyone. It was crazy. Tops were loosened. The girls were going at it big time, and [Todd] was in the middle with his tongue all over them from the neck up.’

Rather than letting things be, Candice Sonneman decided to air out the former couple’s grievances publicly when she took to tweeting the following:

 “@ChefToddEnglish I would greatly appreciate it if you’d please stop w/the unnecessarily nasty msgs & rubbing in the cheating. Living it & . . . then having to read about it was more than enough.”

Needless to say Todd English kept quiet and shit himself, afraid that his goody too shoes image might be disparaged. Not to mind Todd, I know you serve them up delicious.

Sonnemon perhaps thinking better of the mess behind her offered: “I regret my actions but it has been an extraordinarily difficult past couple of weeks for me and I lost my cool . . . Todd and I have both apologized for our mistakes and are trying to move forward.”

The latest snafu comes off the back of Todd English dumping his then fiance Erica Wang at the altar. A lesson that Sonnemon should have checked up on perhaps before taking up with her former hero.

Page six goes on to tell that ‘a racy photo of English in yet another compromising position, with three topless babes in a hot tub, is now making the rounds.’ 

Isn’t it time you nuzzled up to Todd English this weekend as he serves you up one of his special yummy too hard to resist recipes?

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