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Miriam Weeks parents devastated over daughter’s adult film career.

Miriam Weeks parents
How Miriam Weeks parents came to be devastated by their daughters choices.

It seems whilst Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks career as a porn star may be thriving, in lieu of the recent media attention, her parents, devout Christians from Spokane, Washington are reeling with the news of how their daughter intends to finance her studies at Duke College.

The shocking news came to be released to Belle Knox’s father, Dr Kevin Weeks, upon his return from a tour of duty as an army doctor in Afghanistan. By then though anyone who dared paid attention to the fracas taking place in the media would have known about the freshman’s extracurricular affairs, except that is her devout Christian father.

That said, since the revelation has been made known to Belle Knox’s parents the family is said to have experienced heartache and consternation.

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Nevertheless the parents have told in an exclusive with the UK’s dailymail that they will not abandon their daughter.

Told Amanda Minor, the mother in law of Miriam’s brother Paul:‘This is a tragedy in the family.  The father is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. He is just back from Afghanistan; he served his country, how awesome is that? 

‘He’s so proud of his daughter; there’s no way they could have known this was going on. It’s terrible. But they would never abandon their daughter. This is a nightmare what the family are going through.’

The revelation comes off the back of Belle Knox’s claim last week that her parents had only themselves to blame for her decision.

She had told that she was forced to pursue pornography because her parents cut her off financially, how else she offered would she finance $5000 a month for tuition fees?

An argument that probably won’t sit too well with most who resort to other less than high paying vocations to honor their college tuition obligations or simply taking out a loan, which has always been an option for the freshman, even if she demurred at taking on such a large debt.

Nevertheless by the time the freshman appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan show, she had switched her story, saying she decided to begin starring in adult movies when she received her financial aid package from Duke and found out she was going to need to pay about $47,000 a year.

‘The financial aid that I was given to pay for my tuition was insufficient and just really an enormous financial burden on my family,’ she said.

But the damage had been done. Dr. Kevin Weeks and his wife, nicknamed ‘Hershie’ by her friends, who were vilified for ‘abandoning their child.’

Highlighting the degree of disconcern the family has been forced to endure, Dr Week’s official medical Google Plus homepage had been hacked into with a picture of their daughter’s body as the main icon, whilst reviewers left vicious comments such as: ‘Don’t know what kind of doctor he is, but he did a pretty bad job of raising his daughter.’ 

That said, family friends and associates interviewed by the dailymail have painted a picture of an extremely devoted couple who have only wanted the best for their three children, Miriam, sister Anita, 20, and brother Paul, 22 despite the assertions that they have mismanaged the rearing of their children.

What is known about Kevin Weeks, is this according to the dailymail: a religious Catholic, is an esteemed doctor at the Mann Grandstaff VA Medical Center in Spokane, which deals only with war veterans. His Indian wife comes from a culture where pornography is generally vilified.

All three children attended Gonzaga Prep School in Spokane, a Jesuit school known for its high academic and sporting achievements. Tuition is about $11,000 a year.

Miriam would go on to achieve straight A’s. So exemplary were her grades she was given the ‘Spokane Scholar’ in Foreign Languages during her final school year, 2012-13.

Of 38,000 applicants, Miriam Weeks was one of just over 3,000 students admitted to prestigious Duke University.

In coming to terms with why Miriam Weeks may have been cut off, friends tell that the freshman’s parents were being crippled with tuition fees and the living expenses, which total in excess of $6,000 a month.

In one sign of the pangs of guilt the freshman has been saddled with, she told Piers Morgan the following:  ‘I regret not telling my family from the get-go. I think that was a really big mistake.’

Ultimately one can’t help but wonder if Miriam Weeks decision to pursue a porn career had little to do with financial hardships, after all she was offered a full scholarship to Vanderbilt but more as a guise to break out against a tough and strict religious upbringing as a kind of rebellion and simply throw it into the wind, knowing that the pay would be good, knowing that she could use the paradigm of the adult film industry to legitimize her latent sexual desires. Isn’t that the real empowering truth that one is curious to hear about as opposed to the morbid idea that one subscribes to a kind of subjugation of their being by pursuing a vocation that innately by its very construct is demeaning to women, no matter how liberating it may be to be in front of the camera man…

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