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Man sends picture of penis with job application

Man send picture of penis with job application
Will you land a job sending a picture of your penis along with your job application form?

Getting a job requires stamina and in one individual’s case, a rigid stance. Literally… this after a job seeker sent a picture of his penis along with his job application to  to a caseworker at Texas Workforce Solutions.

Whilst some may despair that there only chance of acquiring gainful employment may require them to show off their wares, the Texas employment agency has asked that those of who feel compelled to resort to this measure to desist and reconsider other compelling measures when it comes to acquiring a job: writing a resume, connecting with fellow job seekers, seeking vocational classes or even learning how to write a compelling letter of inquiry.

Reiterates the dallasobserver: TWS is not the proper launching point for your porn career; its bureaucrats aren’t paid nearly enough to stare at your junk. And if the caseworker is anything like the 25-year-old worker at TWS’ Alpha Road office who found a client’s dick pic waiting in her email this morning alongside his job application, she will promptly call police, who will know from the personal email address who sent it and thus gets a ticket for “obscene display or distribution.” That’s a class C misdemeanor.

Which is exactly what happened to one unfortunate Dick who forever burnished their big shot at getting a job or maybe, who can say for sure, a clandestine date with the TWS caseworker. Yes getting chummy and cosy sometimes leads to some amazing results. So who can blame the noble attempt at camaraderie.

Unfortunately as fate would have it, Dallas police spokesman Demarquis Black has advised that the Dick in question on top of having to deal with their new misdemeanor adventure is still out of a job. Hopefully someone will come to eventually appreciate the wonderful assets he brings to any worthwhile job post….

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