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How Miriam Weeks Belle Knox became the ultimate self promoting exhibitionist.

miriam weeks belle knox
Is Miriam Weeks aka Belle Knox really just the ultimate narcissist? All images via twitter.

Since the visage of Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox has become public ennui, the Duke College freshman has told that she aspires to be a feminist lawyer upon graduation. That of course is a lie. What the adult entertainer has shown to aspire to be is the ultimate self promoting exhibitionist. Which is to say an exhilarating career in public relations, reality tv is awaiting Miriam Weeks. That’s right Kim Kardashian, you and your sex tape can just about bloody move over thanks, there’s a new showgirl in town, and she puts out more than you ever will….

When Miriam Weeks first addressed the ensuing fracas surrounding her exposure as a porn actress (surely she wasn’t naive to think as a porn actress she wouldn’t be found out and had simply reveled in her new found attention, as any narcissist would) she told the student newspaper that she had felt compelled to take on the role as a porn actress to pay her way.

Yet what was obvious to the interviewer at the time (and something that the actress would bemoan and find offensive, as if…) was that outlet’s observation of the actresses like of the finer things of life:  Lululemon yoga pants (that shit isn’t cheap), designer iPads and designer handbags. Hardly the acquisition of someone who is desperate to meet her tuition who finds working as a waitress degrading. And why not? How many Prada handbags can you buy on a $9.50 an hour salary?

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Miriam Weeks Belle Knox
Comments via timesofindia.

(above screenshot via timesindia, comments)

If anyone was paying attention one could see far from being the poor young woman forced into prostitution (which is what pornography is) to make her way in a hostile world (never mind the other options offered to her where she would never have been subjected to prostitution which she insists she only pursued to make her ‘oppressive’ school tuition) the Duke College freshman was reveling in all the sudden attention she was getting.

Whilst most students would have probably kept their mouths shut and gone on about their affairs, Miriam Weeks even dared to ask aloud if she might now make it on the Ellen Degeneres show. Because she wanted to address the oppressive slut shaming culture that is endemic in America or because she wanted to be part of a wider culture that has learned to embrace the media for self promoting reasons. (please note every time a major media outlet writes about Belle Knox, the actress is quickly tweeting the story and rushing back to Los Angeles to make another film at what new and improved rate these days is anyone’s guess).

miriam weeks belle knox

By now the actress was writing a tell all confessional at feminist website xoJane (who of course were all too giddy to get their own self promotion on board and all those magic ultra hits) where under the guise of feminist concerns told of her desire to seek self affirmation by pursuing a vocation that historically and by its very definition slut shames women into subservience. Naturally many readers on the outlet called the Duke Freshman out, raising the question she was just either naive and or just brave. Few at the time dared suggest she was a conniving self exhibitionist which a month down the track has become all too obvious to see.

By now the actress had made appearances on CNN’s Piers Morgan, made a feature with nydailynews, (whose portal she used to defend her actions) thz and of course another confessional with xoJane where she defended her write to her identity. Of course what identity we were being packaged and promoted by the actress was anyone’s guess but nevertheless we were being asked to preserve her autonomy whilst the actress busily went about using the media landscape to wax hers: lame duck academic student forced to resort to prostitution to make it in the world. Does that sound like bullshit to you?

In the end, Miriam Weeks can do as she pleases and she has every right to do so, but we in the media also have every right to call a spade a spade as well. Good luck to you Belle Knox, keenly anticipating your next adult thriller …..

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miriam weeks belle knox

Miriam Weeks Belle Knox



  1. she care nothing about sex workers rights,she will make $$million marketing her sex toys,making more movies,strip clubs.after the limelight is gone she will take the money & run

  2. This self-proclaimed whore (as seen on Facial Abuse) is already skipping classes, going around doing interviews and appearances on “Gentlemen Clubs”. Most probably will never graduate from her class, but she’ll say it it’s because of the toxic environment at Duke.

    And let me get this straight, you can enjoy rough sex with your partner but geting paid to propagate the degrading porn and then say it empowers you, that’s disgusting. Have you cheked her tumblr? She’s reposting rough sex pics from degrading porn accounts, one of them has the marvellous name of “whitetrashcumsluts”. SRSly. How can this self-proclaimed whore do this a couple of months after writing an article about Patriarchal and Rape Culture affecting women nowadays?

    I had sympathy for her in the beginning, when I thought she was really cut off financially from her parents and was doing regular porn to pay her tuitions, but when you realize she’s going doing degrading porn around saying degrading/rapey porn to be empowering to women and buying designer bags with that money she lost me.

  3. When did she ever use the word “resort” to porn? As far as I can tell she’s been quite upfront about enjoying the work and the money. That’s you projecting your own neuroses on her.

  4. About time to call a spade a spade. Of course it is 100% her right to get fucked whenever and however she wants, but what has she done to deserve all the praise and support other than being a self-serving manipulating lying bitch .

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