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Erin Kathleen Queen, teacher avoids jail despite having sex with 17 year old in hotel.

Erin Kathleen Queen
Did this school teacher get off the hook too lightly?

The parents of a then 17 year old student in 2012 are furious that his school teacher, a then 27 year old Erin Kathleen Queen who carried out a sexual liaison with him was this week spared jail.

Instead, the Oklahoma teacher was given three years probation, a $600 fine and an order to surrender her teacher’s license after confessing to the ‘delinquency of a minor.’

Despite losing her teacher’s license, the student’s parents, Shasta and Adam Belty are furious and want to rally to change Oklahoma state law.

The teacher at Charles Page High School came to be arrested on March 17 2012 after the then 17 year old’s parents came to worry about their son’s whereabouts late that evening.

It was only after probing the child they discovered that he was with Erin Kathleen Queen at the Candlewood Suites near 71st Street and Mingo Road at 5:30 AM. Incredulously during the ordeal, the student even continued to call the teacher, Miss.

Told the student’s mother, Shasta Belty: ‘He was reluctant to tell me but then he told me he was with Ms. Queen, Erin Queen. And I thought that name sounds familiar. And he said mom, ‘It’s my 5th hour English teacher.’. And I died as a parent,’

Back in 2012 Erin Kathleen Queen was booked into Tulsa Jail on a first degree rape complaint and she was later charged with second degree rape and a misdemeanor charge causing delinquency of a minor. The misdemeanor was related to allegations that she’d given the boy vodka.

Queen’s charges were dismissed when she pleaded guilty to a new case contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Reiterated Shasta Belty: ‘It’s very frustrating to us that she basically got a slap on the wrist,’

‘I cussed. I cried. I totally disagreed with it,’ 

‘(Prosecutor Amanda Self) was under the impression that we were OK with a conviction as long as she never taught again. Well, we were OK with a conviction – of the second-degree rape … or something that represents the sexual misconduct.’

According to Title 21, Section 1115 of the Oklahoma Statutes, sex may be considered rape if ‘…the victim is at least sixteen (16) years of age and is less than eighteen (18) years of age and is a student, or under the legal custody or supervision of any public or private elementary or secondary school, junior high or high school, or public vocational school, and engages in sexual intercourse with a person who is eighteen (18) years of age or older and is an employee of the same school system.’

The Beltys believe that Queen was given a lighter treatment because she is a woman, reports ABC. 

Then there was this reflection on the web that made me wonder:

Just a question. If the gender roles were reversed, and it was a male teacher, do you think the penalty would have been the same?

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  1. The state government can remedy this by making it a crime for a K-12 teacher to sleep with a student.

  2. The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, so she’s not being technically charged on the age of consent aspect.

    Instead the “delinquency of a minor” law is being used. Look up the law and see how it’s applied.

  3. You comprehend very little, not even the fundamental distinction between a prebuscent child and a 17 year old months or ven days shy of his 18th birthday. You are a simpleton. Go ahead and have the last word.

  4. You’re amoral, I get that. It’s no coincidence that Satan picked on the woman when he really wanted to destroy the man. Women who fuck little boys defend women who fuck little boys. I get that too.

  5. Women who FUCK–can you say or write that word FUCK, Christian do-goody-little boys are predators. Young men at 17 are NOT LITTLE BOYS. Little boys (or girls) are prepubescent. Don’t like Europe huh, well that is our heritage. And a majority of states have an age of cosent of 16-17. About 12 have it at 18.
    Also, the law simply mandates she face criminal sanction. As far as I am aware it is within the judges discretion to suspend a sentence with this plea bargain. Stop making this out to be lawlessness, or that she somehow escaped any and all repercussions.
    In any case, the law once endorsed the institution of slavery. Laws change.

  6. Women who want to fuq little boys are called predators. I’m not interested in what the libertines in Europe, Asia or the fuqing morons in the Middle East do. I’m interested in the law. The law says she goes to prison. Because she was a teacher with authority over the children she should be horse whipped prior to serving her sentence. If I were the boy’s father I’d beat the living hell out of her before that. She caused possibly irrevocable harm to that kid. I wish there was a death penalty for her crime.

  7. 17 year-olds are not children. At best they are adolescents; to quote the governor from Walking Dead, a 20th century invention. About 12 states have an age of consent at 18. In the vast majority of Europe and the Western World, the age of consent is between 14-16.
    Those who unquestionably endorse rules without scrutinizing them are called many things: morons, simpletons, automatons. ….

  8. Yes, predator. That’s what adults are called that rape children. Children can not give informed consent, even 17 year olds. I don’t want her fired, I want her put in prison. That’s where rapists belong. That’s where I’d be if I even looked the wrong way at a 17 year old girl and you’d be right there calling for my blood and don’t try to deny it. I think you girls call it Rape Culture. I don’t make the rules I’m just happy to abide by them.

  9. A predator? Are you insane? A 17 year-old, particularly a 17 year-old young man, is fully capable of consent. I agree she should be fired, probably even lose her teaching license which will in turn likely ruin her. Let’s not kid ourselves–statutory rape at this age is a legal fiction.

  10. Oddly, she was voted “Best Tossed Salad maker” in the class’s own yearbook. 5 years running. Isn’t that odd??

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