Home Scandal and Gossip Ed Houben is Europe’s most potent sperm donor. Impregnated 98 women.

Ed Houben is Europe’s most potent sperm donor. Impregnated 98 women.

Ed Houben sperm donor
Ed Houben does not fire blanks folks. How he became Europe’s most prolific sperm donor.

Ed Houben, a 42 year old Dutch man has the pleasure of introducing himself as Europe’s most potent sperm donor, having so far to date successfully impregnated 98 women since 2002.

In a BBC special, he tells how he first began by going to sperm banks but after the Netherlands banned the practice of anonymous donation switched over to simply helping women get pregnant, the good old natural way, by having sex with them.

So popular had Ed Houben’s services had begun that women and couples would travel far and wide to solicit that Dutchman’s services, which he naturally advises online.

gawker: Asked whether husbands were uncomfortable with his method of sperm donation, he told the story of a family he recently helped: “They came here three times and now they have a baby. They are beyond these feelings of ‘Ooh, there’s a stranger sleeping with my wife.'”

To get a perspective on how competent Ed Houben is when it comes to impregnating women, most sperm donor banks reject donors with a sperm count less than 20 million at one shot. Ed Houben can happily attest that he ranges in the area of 80-100 million.

His cost for services are zero, but of course he has to like you. Interestingly until he first got into the business of being a sperm donor he was a virgin until the age of 34.

‘I do it because I know how hard it is for people who desperately want a child,’ he told the Telegraph. ‘Also going through fertility clinics can be very time-consuming and costly for them.’

These days he doesn’t bother with asking ‘clients’ to sign contracts, arguing that they wouldn’t protect him anyway. In which case he’s be hooked for child support.

Instead he chooses to get to know the families on a one on one level before making his decision to lend his sperm. On occasion he even takes the time to get to know the kids he fathers.

In a bid to avert a potential catastrophe where siblings end up unwittingly cohabiting in the future, the sperm donor keeps a detailed spreadsheet where he can show show his progeny later.

Tells Ed Houben: ‘If, later on, one of my children meets someone who doesn’t know who his natural father is, he can consult this list.’

Such thoughtfulness.

Interestingly the sperm donor has told he too would like to start his own family one day, once that he is he retires from the business of being Europe’s most proficient sperm donor. In the meantime he likes to keep himself occupied admiring the 98 pictures on his government council mantelpiece.


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