Home Scandal and Gossip Customer trying on Victoria’s Secret Bikini finds blood smeared crotch.

Customer trying on Victoria’s Secret Bikini finds blood smeared crotch.

Victoria's Secret Bikini finds blood
The interesting surprises waiting for you at your Victoria’s Secret change room

By way of Victoria’s Secret, San Diego, one customer, Pauline had the recent ignominy to find the new bikini she was considering buying came with an added surprise that she hadn’t bargained for. A blood smeared crotch. But she hadn’t known about that until she had entered the change room and was setting about trying them on.

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In the words of the shopper via jezebel: [The bikini bottoms] all had the plasticky sanitary strips in them, which I could feel when I was pulling them on. Obviously I left my underwear on, but as I was pulling off a pair of bikini bottoms, I noticed dried blood in the crotch! Not even a small drop – a quarter-sized amount, plus smears, all around the “sanitary strip”! It was awful. Somehow that garment had been picked up from the fitting room, PUT BACK ON ITS HANGER, and re-racked where I grabbed it to try on.

Understandably shaken, Pauline asked to speak to a manager, who pulled her aside and gave her some hand sanitizer and a 30% off coupon. No one took her name down, no one offered to follow up with her. When she called the company’s customer care line to ask whether the sanitizer-n-coupon routine was the standard way grossed out customers were treated, she was told that there are no protocols for addressing customers coming in contact with bloody clothing that has been improperly re-racked by careless employees because it “never happens.” She was further informed that even if in fact a bloody bikini crotch policy existed, they couldn’t tell her because those things are “confidential.”

Kids I’m going to have to pause here for a moment and gingerly stir my chamomile tea an extra spin or two. Five bumpkins, four bumpkins, three tampons, two tampons, one missing tampon, continuing….

All Pauline says she wanted was a little customer service. As skin-crawling as it sounds, bloody clothing is probably a statistical inevitability for a high volume store, especially one that sells garments that come into contact with orifices that occasionally bleed. People are gross and weird and I’m sure some of them would return a blood-smeared garment to the racks and hope no one noticed. But one would hope, as a shopper, that store employees would provide some sort of barrier between the disgusting masses and people who just want to try on clothing without coming in contact with another person’s bodily fluids.

From there we find jezebel called the outlet directly with the hopes of eliciting further information as to how terribly icky things had gotten and whether the store had come to an understanding that they messed up.

When asked if just being given hand sanitizer and a coupon and being hustled out the door without any follow up was part of the protocol, she said that she hadn’t been there during “the situation,” and that she couldn’t answer any questions.

Multiple calls to and messages left with the company’s media relations department were not returned.

And will the hapless shopper ever return to Victoria’s Secret?

I won’t shop there again, and the fact that they take my business so for-granted that they offered me a 30% off coupon for my NEXT visit (I couldn’t have even used it that day if I’d been willing to) is insulting.

What follows is a philosophical discussion on the aesthetics of having one’s period in public and whether the staff acted appropriately or not and why for that matter a heavy trickle of blood came to disarm so many. Naturally vaginas and blood rankle most people, especially women who as I found out after this evening can’t stand the touch or look of other women’s spills.

Aren’t you glad gents you don’t have to deal with bloody vaginas staining your aspirations of a pleasant afternoon of shopping?

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