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Brother and sister admit incest after arrested for meth possession.

Brother and sister incest
How a brother and sister came to be arrested for incest.

Brother and sister incest charges have been laid after cops came across a too unbelievable tale in east Texas.

A brother and sister, Cameron Beck, 26 and Charlene Ellet, 25 respectively have admitted to incest after caught kissing between their jail cells following an arrest for alleged meth possession.

Charlene Ellet who made out with her brother in jail incarcerated after assaulting husband 

The Texas brother and sister on top of drug charges now also face charges for prohibited sexual conduct.

The siblings came to be arrested at a local Walmart after Cameron Beck drove his sister and her two year old twin daughters to the store where the sister was apprehended, allegedly for stealing.

But here’s where things got tangled. As cops searched Beck’s car, they found a backpack containing a light bulb with burn marks and a cut pen with a crystal substance on it.

The substance tested positive for Methamphetamine with Ellet admitted that she and her brother had smoked it two weeks before.

Whilst taken taken to Montgomery County and placed in adjoining cells, deputies witnessed the siblings kissing through the bars.

Asked if they were siblings, Ellet explained that she had the same biological mother but a different father to her brother and that she had been adopted.

Her brother had been in prison until November last year and they had struck up a relationship by writing back and forth, she explained.

She told deputies that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Beck since he was released from prison.

Brother and sister incest
Cameron Beck

Since the brother’s release, the siblings had been staying in a motel and they had been sleeping in the same bed as her twin daughters from a previous relationship.

Charlene Ellet explained that the room had a partition and the girls would stay on the other side while she and her brother had sex, but sometimes they would go to the bathroom for sex.

Prohibited sexual conduct laws in Texas apply to half-siblings, so the two were charged and remain in jail along with charges related to possession of controlled substance. The sister was also issued a citation for shoplifting under $50.

On Facebook last year, Ellet wrote: ‘So was finally able to talk to my bro..havent seen or talked to him in 20 yrs…cant believe how alike we r…practically twins!!! Family is all we got in the end!!’

On Beck’s Facebook page, he has included images of his sister which bear the message: ‘Love you baby.’

Charlene Ellet’s daughters have since been handed over to her sister.

Brother and sister incest
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