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Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped if they dress provocatively

Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped
Nana Quieroz who started the campaign. The journalist believes attitudes towards women need to change in Brazil. Her slogan translated says “I don’t deserve to be raped”.

A startling study has revealed that up to 65.1% of Brazilian women believe that a woman deserves to be raped if she dresses too provocatively.

In turn an avalanche of protest was set off as Brazilian women took to taking pictures of themselves, wearing little or no clothing, with the words ‘I don’t deserve to be raped’ in a protest against the attitude that revealing clothing justifies rape.

And it’s just not women who have taken to social media to show their unease but men too as they tweet images of themselves baring almost next to nothing.

Since the social media campaign took roots, the hashtag #EuNaoMereçoSerEstrupada, which translates as #IDon’tDeserveToBeRaped has gone viral.

In one image a woman is shown holding a paper checklist which reads: ‘A man without a t-shirt is: hot, is going to play football, wants to be raped – it’s obvious’. 

The poster then shows the rape answer with a a cross next to it – revealing that this is the correct answer.

Tweeted one male user:  ‘No woman deserves to be raped. I am ashamed to be a man and have to say something so obvious.’

Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped

The survey which came to inflame many was carried out by the country’s Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) which asked people across Brazil whether provocative clothing ever justified rape.

A shocking 65.1 per cent of Brazilians either partly or wholly believed the statement was accurate. And 66.5 per cent of the 3,810 respondents asked were women.

Another statement said: ‘If women knew how to behave, there would be less rape,’ which led to an astounding 58.5 per cent of respondents agreeing with.

The survey answer came at the same time that the institute revealed that 50.7 per cent of rape victims in Brazil were under 13 at the time of abuse.

The institute estimates that 0.26 per cent of the Brazilian population have been victims of sexual abuse. The survey also revealed that it is thought that only 10 per cent of rape cases are reported.

Of the rape cases reported in 2011, 89 per cent of victims were women. One in five attackers used a firearm to threaten the victim.

Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped

The pictures came to appear on social media after a Facebook event was posted by journalist Nana Quieroz who started the campaign.

She asked women across the country to post pictures of themselves with the slogan on March 28 at 8pm – but two days later posts in support of the campaign are being uploaded.

The journalist said that pictures could be clothed or unclothed – as long as they illustrate that women’s bodies belong to them.

“Most surprising is that it is allowed to undress during the carnival but not in real life” , protested the journalist saying the paradox Brazil, a country where the cult of sensuality and body collides with the dominant conservative Catholicism.

In an interview with the BBC, Nana Quieroz reiterated: ‘These women are the biggest victims of sexism. They are so oppressed that they don’t even feel that they have the right to have their own opinion.’


Images of the resulting campaign have since been widely shared across the world and hints at the patriarchal subjective view that many have towards women in Brazil, including women themselves…

top image of Nana Quieroz via tumblr

Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder as well:

this story boils down to the point that no one (male or female, as men can be raped too in case people are forgetting) deserves to be raped regardless of what they chose to wear, where they are and who they are with… rape is rape… it is the violation of a person’s body by another person and nothing should excuse that! Would you be blaming your sisters, mothers, cousins, aunties, nieces and friends if they were raped because they chose a certain outfit… I really hope not.

So basically those saying a women dressed in a certain way should expect to be assaulted because it’s like leaving your valuables on display in a car meaning that women should consider all men as potential rapists because men literally can’t control themselves? So a women is the equivalent to a sat nav or mobile phone?. How about telling those men to take responsibility for their own actions and not assault someone or is that to difficult for people to get their head around?? 

I am disturbed by the ignorance, prejudice, and complete rubbish people are posting. To those equating the way a woman chooses to dress with the decision whether or not to leave one’s wallet unattended or one’s car or house unlocked: these crimes are not in any way comparable. Having your body violated and possibly mutilated is NOTHING LIKE getting your credit cards stolen. You might as well be saying, “Well, if you didn’t want your little boy murdered by a pedophile, you shouldn’t have let him play outside.” Reasonable people would be quick to note how ludicrous such a statement is — tantamount to fear-mongering — and yet violence against women is seen as being the woman’s fault, and not the criminal’s. If a man is stupid enough to think an outfit telegraphs whether or not he has the right to have sex with a woman he doesn’t know, he’s a brute and a rapist, simple as that. No excuses.

As a woman, I’d have to agree that there is something weird about a woman who goes in public in an extreme state of undress, aiming to be provocative, as too many do, and then complaining when they in fact provoke unwanted behavior from males.
Dave Chappelle owns the best line on this subject. “Men, just because a woman dresses a certain way doesn’t make her a whore, but ladies when you dress that way it is effing confusing! You might not be a whore, but you are wearing a whore’s uniform.”
Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped
Brazilian women think they deserve to be raped


  1. http://www.ipea.gov.br/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=21971&catid=10&Itemid=9

    IPEA has issued a MASSIVE CORRECTION to this figure in their study, the results are actually more like 13% (about the proportion who think the tea party congress is “doing a good job”)

    The same study, btw, showed over 90% of people believed a man who beat his wife should go to jail and 65% of people believed a woman is not required to provide marital sex to her partner (this last category, btw, is grounds for divorce in the US)

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