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Belle Knox’s manager accuses family of abandoning daughter.

Belle Knox's manager
Was Belle Knox abandoned by her family?

In a startling revelation, Belle Knox’s manager, John Steven has told that the Duke College freshman had no choice but to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry after her parents suddenly without warning cut her off this January.

Told the agent who runs the Beverly Hills talent agency Matrix Models via the UK’s dailymail: ‘She’s not done anything wrong. Her parents have cut her off financially. In the first semester, her parents worked out a payment plan with the university for tuition of $5,000 a month. But that lasted until the month of January, and then they cut her off. 

‘So starting February 1, she owed the school $5,000 a month. Where is an 18-year-old girl supposed to get that?’ 

The manager goes on to tell he had ‘Belle Knox’ booked up for four days solid of shoots in New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles towards late February as media attention was beginning to first froth.

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Belle Knox’s manager accuses family of abandoning daughter. 

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Reiterates the adult film entertainer manager: ‘If she hadn’t done porn, she’d have been thrown out of school, as she would have missed the monthly payments. I have no idea why they cut her off, as far as I know her parents were running into financial problems.’

‘She makes a lot of money from porn. She could easily make $10-15,000 a month, that’s for multiple shoots. She gets $1,500-2,000 per shoot, then I get a cut, which is less than 20 percent and then it’s taxed. It’s a legitimate business I run.

‘She simply had to make a decision whether she wanted to continue with her college career or drop out of school. She wants a college education, so had no other option. She tried to apply for government grants, scholarships, but the irony is that her parents make enough money so that she’s not eligible for anything. 

‘She’s not poor enough, but they’re not paying for her, so they’re doubly screwing her because she’s not viable for financial aid and they’re not helping her. 

‘My question is that if she wants to become a lawyer and stay at Duke, what else could she possibly do?’ 

A cursory regard of Belle Knox’s twitter tells that the freshman actually first took to making porn films prior to her parents purported cutting off this January (despite claims that this was the catalyst to pursue porn), with her acting career taking charge by February after fellow Duke Freshman Thomas Bagley recognized her in one of the movies he was subscribing to, going on to tell the fellow student body.

The talent manager tells that Belle Knox, real name Miriam Weeks comes to LA during her breaks, or if she has a weekend off and that the freshman is planning to go out to LA for the whole summer with the hopes of paying for the rest of her next semester.

Added Steven: ‘I talk to her hourly and she’s kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing, she’s trying to figure out what her options are. To give up porn, that’s not an option, unless a rich benefactor wants to give her $200,000 to continue her education,’ 

‘I stay out of the personal side with her parents. I imagine they are furious that they’ve been dragged into all this. But she’s kind of defiant, she feels they’ve brought it on themselves.

‘She’s level headed, 100 per cent, probably one of most intelligent, levelheaded 18-year-olds I’ve ever met. She’s never regretted doing porn. 

‘Financially she’ll keep on doing what she’s doing. Emotionally, she would love to have her parents support and only time will tell if her parents are going to come around.’

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