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Belle Knox: Painful sex arouses me but I’m still a feminist.

Belle Knox
As long as I’m turned on and empowered by it, defacement is still positive. Can we really make that argument in an industry that is demeaning as a whole?

Reading Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks in real life latest treatise for xojane (she should apply to be a regular contributor) one can’t be too sure if the Duke College freshman legitimately believes what she is writing or she is just testing to see if anyone will bother to call her out.

Naturally I am going to take the bait and call her out, but then again you too may have your opinion as to what constitutes to self empowerment and whether the pursuit of degenerative sex still comes within the ambits of female self affirmation. It probably comes down to tastes and preferences, but nevertheless the very act of taking pleasure in one’s debasement (unless one sees it as their liberation, like Miriam Weeks) does not augment too well with the idea of engendering women’s rights.

Starts off the adult actress: Kink does not disqualify me as a feminist. No matter how many concern trolling essays are written.

From there we are reminded life is neither black or white and that for Belle Knox rough sex is a treat and a fascinating turn on.

I can’t explain why rough sex and pain arouses me; it just does.

The actress tells us because she made sure she was in control of the scene and how it would go down she felt comfortable with the ensuing rough sex. But now that she’s had a chance to reflect (and re read all those ‘troll’ articles about her) the actress decides to write that in retrospect she would probably not go there again and that even now regrets it. Sort of.

Now, I view it as the one choice I would take back if I could as a porn actress. The more I have read criticism of the site, the more I realize that if I do another rough sex scene, I will more thoroughly research the company and how they treat their performers. But I also don’t think having participated in this single experience should define me, the same way I don’t believe sex should define women in general.

One can’t help wondering is that because the editors at xojane told the actress it might be a better posture to try to get a bit rated pg with their readership or that the actress, ever vigilant and fully aware of her mounting press clippings and ongoing campaign deals decided a more softer hue on her persona would be needed now that she is looking to lock in book deals, sex toy deals and of course your next media tell all show from where to plug her latest wares.

For the record I would like to augment that I agree with Belle Knox, no one’s choice of sex act or sex in general ought to define one’s identity. That though is not how many in our society necessarily see things.

Reminding us once again that she is really just a performer (I would at this stage argue nimble self promoting starlet) Belle Knox tells us how every sex act she pursues is consensual  and never under duress. She also reminds us that in her opinion being debased can also be self affirming and falling within the parameters of what constitutes positive role models within feminism.

Her crux argument is as long as she as a woman feels empowered then its affirmative. Never mind if the act itself for so many would come under the ambit of degrading and defacing. Which is to suggest tastes and preferences are so often not as uniform as one presupposes and entirely subjective.

The actress correctly tells that it all portends to the shame of observers and not hers. Which is true but one ought to also consider the extent of how one’s actions can now serve to represent or influence other’s actions and skew the discourse of what counts for empowering for a group as a whole. Then again one wonders about the merit of finding joy in self mutilation (for Belle Knox this is just a walk in the park) even if it brings the inflicted temporary joy and daring to call that self affirmative

Just because an actress can claim she derives pleasure from debasement, an industry that subjugates women, it does not mean that the act of debasement isn’t on a whole self debasing for an entire gender, even if some of us insist we are that more empowered for it.

Whether one feels shame or not is irrelevant, it’s the act perpetrated which affirms or negates a man or a woman’s identity.

Belle Knox is of course free to do as she pleases but when she insists she is not being exploited and furthermore her actions are a positive affirmation of feminist virtues, it’s time to call a spade a spade…..and expose the deceit of her argument.

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  1. As she mulls her empowerment (ass up!), she is engaged in a painful, yet truly feminist enterprise. Reclaiming sex-positive, painful degrading acts from The Patriarchy and building a spiritual path driven by carnal pleasure. I look forward to her first publication, possibly entitled, “Pain, Anal Sex and Punishment: Psychosocial Feminist Narratives from a Sexworker Perspective”, published in Feminist Marcottian Gender Dynamics. Clitoridicious.

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