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Belle Knox outs herself as the Duke University Freshman Adult Star (at last).

Belle Knox outs herself
Why Belle Knox chose to out herself and the hate she has since refused. She has a public and private identity….

Miriam Weeks, aka stage name Belle Knox has today returned to xojane to tell the feminist outlet that she has never been told to die in so many ways.

In a first hand account the much maligned Duke University Freshman adult star sets about in first person to tell how she has been ostensibly thrown out the trash heap since being revealed to be a adult entertainment actress.

Reflects Belle Knox: ‘Isn’t that always the way? The porn performer is to be shamed. The porn consumer is to be celebrated.’

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From there the actress/student tells that she has names, identities that she uses, one for the public at large and one for private use, each representing two distinct identities, irrespective of the name calling society has set about to call the actress.

And just like that Belle Knox reveals what her porn name is, Belle Knox, never mind that it has been an open revelation for the last two weeks (or longer if you really looked) for anyone who bothered to search on the web. That perhaps is the intriguing part. As an adult entertainer, the Duke college freshman was bound to be discovered and talked about. Not that being a porn star is a bad thing (unfortunately society doesn’t take too well) but the reality is that shit was sooner or later going to become Belle Knox’s seasoned identity, whether she sought it or agreed to it. At least in public anyway.

From there Belle Knox tells how she’s been the subject of marginalization, hate speech and demeaning threats.

Tells the freshman: ‘Most recently, I have been told that I am “an embarrassment to Duke,” I bring nothing but bad publicity to my school, and I need to be silent.

Do I want to behave and be a good girl? Then “no more media,” I am told. The message repeated to me seems clear: “You are not a human being. You have no rights or feelings. You are simply a nuisance. You have to stay silent. No matter what, just stay silent.”

From there we see the extent of vitriol the actress has received (not for the faint of heart and quite sadistic), from the listing of her private address, number, fake twitter accounts, taunts to slit her wrist (all because of a profession she chooses to pursue that is no one’s business but her own)

  • You should slit your wrists and die, you stupid bitch
  • We are going to throw garbage at her every fucking day!!! let’s do it GREEK FRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The school should either expel her, or we will take matters into our own hands and make this fuck up suffer. cheers!

Belle Knox outs herself

The reality tells Belle Knox is that sex workers are criticized, prejudiced, taunted and ridiculed, well at least ones who attend affluent schools, because perhaps that profession is only purportedly reserved for the downtrodden, not for the well to do future female ivy warriors of society.

Reflects finally the Duke college freshman adult actress: ‘I am not your child or your property or your Madonna or your whore.

I stand for every woman who has ever been tormented for being sexual — for every woman who has been harassed, ostracized and called a slut for exerting her sexual autonomy — and for every woman who has been the victim of The Double Standard.

You want to see me naked. And then you want to judge me for letting you see me naked.

Society may feel like they are in control of my identity, but I refuse to let the dark corners of the Internet determine my future. Spend a minute Googling, and you will find these awful cesspools of hate and judgment and threats. These anonymous chat boards are determined to tell me what name I need to use (my birth name instead of my porn name), where I belong (I’m not good enough for Duke, apparently) and what I deserve (death, rape, humiliation).

The truth of the matter is this: I am one identity when I am a student. I’m another when I do porn. And no one controls either — but me.’

Belle Knox outs herself

And then there were these reflections that made me wonder too:

I hope my future daughter/s are smart, empowered, critical thinking, self-loving feminists, but I would be absolutely horrified if they became porn stars. The ‘feminist’ argument that female porn stars are powerful because they embrace their sexuality in a way that makes society uncomfortable is complete bs. There’s nothing empowering about what they do, in 99.9% of cases. Women are treated like sperm receptacles in the porn industry. 

There’s also nothing empowering about selling your body to pay your college tuition. Plenty of students struggle through college working multiple jobs and maintaining high grades without selling their bodies for quick money. THAT’S empowering.


But you fail to realize that the path she chose was an option which she chose and you are judging her. You have no right to judge.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that not everything that every woman decides to do is inherently feminist. It might be a good decision for her, and she has every right to make the decisions that are best for her personally, but that doesn’t mean she’s helping women achieve respect and equality in society which seems like a fundamental component of feminism.


It’s her body, her choice, and her own future. Why is she being villanized for something she decided to do on her own? And more importantly, who the hell are we to judge or decided whether she is better suited for a pornography career or one that is a white collar job?

Also, let’s keep in mind that we aren’t her psychotherapist so although it maybe easy to assume that her past has something to do with her life choices you definitely don’t know about whether or not she has been through any sort of counseling.

If anyone has read her interview with xojane, I recommend it before you jump to conclusions or assume that any blog that has written about her conducted a legitimate interview.



  1. I saw this hooch on CNN. She likes to f*** and show her stuff to everybody. She speaks as if she is damaged goods. She had to leave DUKE because they were harassing her skanky ass. There is no logic to wanting to stuff a man’s shaft into every opening of your body and talk about how free and blissful you are. FRESHMAN majoring in Women’s Studies???? Enjoy flunking out Bimbo. She is immature and very delusional. I’m sure her family is oh so proud.

  2. All the people complaining are from the liberal elite at Duke taught by liberal elite. She is doing what she wants and needs to do to graduate from this overpriced liberal elite college. Good for you, Miriam!

  3. Good for her, at least she’s working her way through college and will probably graduate debt free, why all the hate? Everyone (hopefully) has sex, it’s her life and her body. Grow up!

  4. She ugly anyway. I don’t care about her being in porn, what she does is her own business. Surprises me that stupid college kids can’t handle how she makes that money. I thought they would all be indifferent about it since it is college but now they are acting like uptight cunts.

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