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Belle Knox defended by Duke alumni; It’s about class mobility

Belle Knox defended by Duke
How Belle Knox came to highlight the lack of class mobility in a society that insists it exists. Does it really and for whom?

The following arrived in my email inbox courtesy of a Duke College alumni. To protect her identity I have agreed not to use her name. I think you will find the themes and questions raised at the real meat and potatoes about what really vexes most of us and to date has rarely been contemplated widely in the media. Class mobility.

Observes japantimes this morning:  So. Why did Knox become a sex worker? Her answer: “If Duke had given me the proper financial resources, I wouldn’t have done porn. My story is a testament to how f—-ing expensive school is.” Media gatekeepers are ignoring it, but this is the real/big story.

Each year in the United States, 12 million freshmen take out student loans. By the time they graduate (or not), they wind up owing $26,000 — plus several times that amount in compound interest payments. In many cities, that’s more than the cost of a house.

All food for thought and a sucker punch to the establishment.

Adds japantimesBelle Knox has nothing to be ashamed of.

The real sluts are the cash-whore trustees of Duke University, who are sitting on top of a $6 billion endowment, and the overpaid college and university officials who have jacked up tuition at twice the inflation rate year after year.

And back to the Duke Alumni email i received circa 3.09 am EST:

DO NOT PUT MY NAME ON THIS . I AM ATTACKING THE CONCEPT OF CLASS MOBILITY. I do not want whatever attention comes from highlighting class mobility . One day maybe, not today.
Please don’t make me regret doing this. I followed up and finished this because you said she might get kicked out. I do not want her to get kicked out and kill herself. I respect her more than you can imagine, and I really just want to stick up for her.

DO NOT PUBLISH MY NAME AND MAKE ME REGRET THIS. I seriously did this out of the goodness of my heart. no seo tagging, no personal interest other than making a point for society.

And the email begins:


Belle Knox, a female Duke student was recently  ’outed’ as a porn star by a fellow colleague.  When she reported that she did it to ‘pay for college’ the public offered their following 2 cents in summary:

  1. 1. she should have kept her dignity and gone to state school if she couldn’t afford it
  2. 2. she’s not poor, her dad is a doctor.  Her family could have helped her
  3. 3. She is probably a crazy nut because you can see cutting scars on her wrist in the videos
  4. 4. if she really was “ok” or “proud” of what she was doing, she should have used her real name
  5. 5. she should have found a sugar daddy or older men to pay for her college “privately” instead of shaming her family
  6. 6. That she has a “high libido” and was certainly doing this because she wanted to, NOT to pay for school.

1) So what are we now going to require proof of income to afford tuition as a part of the application process? Somehow society and her father THINK they are better indicators of where she deserves to be than Duke’s approval process

According to U.S. News and World Report, Duke University is listed as the 21st in line for having the lowest acceptance rate out of 4,495 accredited institutions in the USA.  

2) Her father obviously didn’t help her.  Apparently he shares the rest of society’s beliefs, that if she can’t afford it she should go to state school.

3) I can’t see the marks on her wrist. In the event that there is any truth behind it, how would you feel after working your ass off to get all your ducks in line just to be told that even though you are accepted, you can’t go because “you can’t pay for it.”

I guess amidst of studying for the SATs, AP classes, community work, and extra-curricular activities, she should have been slaving by saving her pennies working for minimum wage at the local burger joint or mall.  How much money do you think a 16 yr old can save by time she is 18 for college today working  for the current minimum wage? Perhaps we should just allow kids to start working at 10 years of age so that maybe they have 5% of their first year’s tuition bill down to maybe leverage it into a loan to pay for school.

4) She didn’t use her real name for protection. It isn’t about being “ashamed.” Really? Dumbass.

5) Society including her father didn’t want to help her pay for college. Why should she feel the need to avoid shaming a family with money who told her she didn’t deserve what she worked for just because she couldn’t pay for it?

Why on earth would anyone suggest she be a whore privately?  KEEEP REACHING!

6)  It might be difficult for you to believe maybe she wouldn’t be doing this if she didn’t have to. However, who are you to say WHY she did this, just because you would like to avoid the pain in believing that this is what society has come to? She told you WHY she did it.  Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s or Paris Hilton’s videos? They aren’t run on a production scaled to make money. They are few and far between and they SUCK. Her videos are produced professionally, on a schedule to MAKE MONEY.

Harvard used to boast “that if you can get accepted into our school, we will help you find a way to pay for it.” Wake up people, if someone can figure out how to get accepted, Duke’s approval process knows better than an entire society who COULD NOT get accepted to save their lives. Why are you tearing down someone from your own economic demographics who might actually be able to save your lives given the right education, because they just might have empathy because they came from where you came from?

And let me tell you, anyone who would like to believe that the education afforded at a pricy private is all the same as a state university, I highly suggest you take a semester to enroll in one of each. Keep drinking the kool aid.  You probably still believe that the term “organic” is a marketing tool for stuck up hippies and hipsters hanging out in LES.

Now they are threatening to throw her out. The rich frat boys that “outed”  her are now taking everything she worked hard for away from her, after they themselves participated in what she created to pay for her tuition?

Why isn’t anyone asking WHY is it that someone who PROVED themselves with SAT scores, AP classes, extracurricular activities, etc.  feels that she needs to do porn to pay for tuition? HELLO? We are talking about an 18 year old girl. She is barely legal.  She isn’t just a stupid slut if she met the requirements.

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO ? Is there anyone out there? What’s a girl got to do to show she IS NOT stupid and deserves to spend time learning at the institution of her choice as long as she is accepted ?

If something happens to her life, her life is at the mercy of society. She put in her dues. She met the requirements and was ready to do whatever it took to keep going forward.  I pray they do not throw her out because guys are now throwing garbage at her, and they just don’t want to deal with the hassle.  Those throwing garbage at her will do whatever it takes, finding anything whether it be porn or that she is a hermaphrodite, to prevent upward mobility.  Just as they have pinned you against her leading you and her father to believe that she doesn’t deserve or need the education.

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  1. Belle Knox (Lauren Weeks) is an imbecile. She’s proof that high test scores mean nothing (other than your ability to memorize information). She can barely put together a coherent sentence – every other word is “um”, “like”, “ohmygod”. It’s hilarious and embarrassing how she thinks of herself as a proud feminist for spreading her legs and taking it up the ass for the camera. She’s got the body of a 12 year old boy and is ugly to boot. Probably pedophiles are turned on by her. May as well milk the porn career as long as she can – she won’t ever be able to get a respectable job now. Hopefully Duke will expel her. Also, Duke’s tuition is $36k.

  2. I think we are starting to see an acceleration in the decline of our “great” universities. When the kids finally wake up and realize that going in debt for a watered down education does not pay off as well as a public college or even technical school, the model will crumble. I think it is starting.

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