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Is Belle Knox a coke head? Rumors on college boards swell….

Belle Knox coke head
Is Belle Knox using her porn income to finance an out of control drug habit?

Belle Knox coke head?

Let me say outright that I am not advocating or presupposing that Belle Knox is using drugs. I have no idea, no proof and frankly that is her concern if she were.

That said I received the following email (published below) the other day which directed to some interesting campus discourse.

Again let’s understand that Belle Knox has endured a lot of flack for her decision by the student body and the internet as a whole as to her decision to pursue a career in porn. But since Belle Knox has made it an adamant mandate to retweet her porn twitter every time she gets a mention in the media (there’s real money to be made now with the heightened press) and is now up to her 9th porn flick since starting her vocation, the actress is fair game as a public figure.

Make up your mind, I’m only reporting what came to me but at the very least it shows the degree of unease at the student body that this young woman’s extracurricular activities are having at the elite institution and perhaps a push to see her removed. See what you think…..

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 Email sent to my inbox:

Guys, here is why I think that the rumor about the Duke porn star being a coke-head is true. First of all, read the posts that the first 2 links below go to. They are posts from the Duke gossip website. Now, granted, this is a gossip website, but most of the information about the Duke porn star that has been posted on that website has been rock-solid. That is where I have gotten all of my information. And that is why I was concerned when I saw these posts. Secondly, as the third post below indicates, the Duke porn star is in Los Angeles shooting a porn film right now…and classes are still going on at Duke! Why would this girl abandon her ongoing classes at Duke, which is the university that she turned-down a full-tuition scholarship to Vanderbilt for, to go out to Los Angeles to shoot a porno? I believe it’s because she needs money for her drug habit.




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Belle Knox coke head

Belle Knox coke head

Belle Knox coke head



  1. I was vaguely titillated by the whole Knox story, didn’t buy a lot of the BS surrounding it, thought she was a publicity-obsessed self-promoter, though don’t have a problem with that or the fact that she does porn at all. Mostly just thought meh, typical over-reaction by a simultaneously sex-obsessed/sex-averse society. Until I saw she was a cutter with the scars on her legs to prove it, something she said was a result of her being fat. Can someone who has a history of cutting themselves and who is still only a teenager really be that self-aware and empowered to make the healthy and positive decision to do porn and all that it entails? I don’t know anything about possible drug abuse, and I’m no psychiatrist, but the need to cut and abuse drugs seem like they could come from similar places. I hope not; it would make this vaguely titillating and overblown story kind of sad.

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