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Video: Julie Loncich weather girl is fond of slutty snow…

Julie Loncich
Julie Loncich is also a preferred hawt bixch

Kids there’s nothing more Freudian than watching our Boston cover girl, Julie Loncich of WCVB describe the snow in its real state that it is: slutty.

In what can only best be described as a Freudian slip of the tongue, our hawt bixch to trot couldn’t help but make a very telling faux pas when she came to describe outlying weather conditions. They were naturally slutty.

Personally I am  not sure if I would call the snow slutty or maybe whether some of you would call Julie Loncich slutty or whether for that matter whether she would call some of you slutty? But something tells me there has been some slutty behavior going on lately that only cover girl Julie can attest to.

Reported Julie: “The wind is beginning to pick up here in Lowell, and again not really more accumulating snow, but just a biting, granular, kind of slutty—excuse me—slushy, icy snow,”

Which at 3 am the night before went something like this: ‘Damn this wind is gusting up a real gizzard, but who’s going to mind me prancing about in my little slutty red dress whilst I add run back home after my latest coup d’eat.’ 

Isn’t time you came out and became the little slut that you really are deep inside? Julie did why not you?

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