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Reddit turns to stalking Sochi Olympic volunteer. ‘I masturbated to her.’

Sochi Olympic volunteer
How an innocent woman became the internet’s new sex toy

A Sochi Olympic volunteer has unwittingly found herself being hounded by Reddit users after her image appeared on Associated Press.

So impressed were reddit users with the nubile female sunning against a banner board some of them took to posting her image on various reddit boards and imagining what it might be like to be with her. Many though were imagining what it would be like to masturbate to the Russian teenager.

But it did not stop there. That would have been too easy. By now various users were curious to find out more about whom they were jerking off to. Which in turn led to some nifty research on behalf of some users who would then go on without the young woman’s permission to release her name (I will not), the town from where she came from as well as any other images of her they could glean from social media sites that she was associated with.

Told the original caption that came underneath the photo of the youth:

A volunteer enjoys the warming sun as temperatures went over the freezing point beside a writing reading ‘Sochi 2014 – Hot. Cool.Yours’ prior to the women’s 10K classical-style cross-country race at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

By now reddit users had taken to accumulating a dossier of images of the young woman (who may be underage) on various subreddits, including one subreddit titled randomsexiness which one could possibly argue exists for the sheer purpose of the objectification of women.

via the dailydotThe Internet’s well-oiled machine for doxing people—tracking down and publishing personal information—went to work. Users found the volunteer’s social media accounts and scoured them for more sexy photos of the woman in question.

The Imgur gallery contains two dozen pics, along with her real name. And the comments—many heavily downvoted, thank God—go something like this:

Sochi Olympic volunteer

Sochi Olympic volunteer

Yet what this young woman was by proxy receiving was a gang bang from a flotilla of hungry horny men, each feeding off each other’s lust. All that mattered was where could they get more of her and who exactly was she and where could one see her in close up action. Which perhaps might be fine when you are a celebrity or a porn star but somewhat disorienting and imposing when you are a private citizen whose private details are strewn across the web for nothing more than being indiscriminately photographed during a private moment.

Reflects the dailydot once again: This is a site where sexualized images of women and underage girls arespread freely, without the subjects’ consent—and with Reddit admins’ knowledge.

What do you think? Have we crossed the line of proprietary or is this just how the brave new world operates courtesy of an indiscriminate web?




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