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Pornhub data reveals that Bronco fans took to jerking off after Superbowl loss.

Bronco fans took to jerking off
The effects of winning and losing when it comes to fans choosing to jerk off

Here’s an interesting chart courtesy of adult site, pornhub that probably makes a whole lot of sense. It involves that of this past Sunday’s Super Bowl which eventually saw the  resounding effect the Seattle Seahaws defeat over the Denver Broncos on time spent jerking off.

The chart shows that overall viewership was down 32% during the big game … (makes sense) and even down more in Denver (51%) and Seattle (61%) given the home states represented playing.

But here’s where some fans chose to begin to divert their attention.

By halftime, when it was increasingly becoming obvious that the Broncos no longer really stood a chance of winning … most of the audience begin to peter out on the game …which translated to an interesting uptick around 9pm in other favored pursuits.

But things got even more interesting after the final score.

While porn viewing numbers in Seattle and Washington dropped below average in the wake of their massive victory — presumably because everyone was out partying — the numbers in Denver and Colorado surged to 10.8% and 7.6% above average, respectively. The climax reading topped off at around at 11pm before Bronco fans eventually took to sleeping off their loss and their quick release fantasy.

As the UK telegraph surmised: Firstly, it was conclusive proof that most men turn to porn not when they are happy, but when they are at their most vulnerable. 

Because inevitably porn sites are going to make you a paying customer the more they figure out what turns you on and of course when you’re about to turn on….

Oh really? No one jerks off on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

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  • rob eber

    go bears

  • JWS10

    Always thought the fans in Denver were a bunch of jerk-offs!