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The Mormon anti masturbation video will finally help you kick a bad habit.

Mormon anti masturbation video
Mormon anti masturbation video. Will it help you heal from your unruly ways?

Masturbation or self pleasure it seems is a definite no no amongst the Mormon faith. So opposed is the religious sect to self pleasure they have now come out with the Mormon anti masturbation video, which naturally compares self pleasure to that of wounded warriors.

The voice of Brigham Young University President Kim B. Clark echoes in the background as scenes of a young man looking at pornography, and then being thrust into the battlefield unfold. The parallel soon becomes apparent, the wounds masturbation inflicts on one’s soul are akin to those suffered by a soldier on the battlefield…

‘The temptations of the Great War are many, the battles are real, and the enemy is clever,’ Clark says. ‘The enemy is cruel, ruthless, and relentless. We must not underestimate the danger. We must be vigilant and valiant…’

Clark continues to pull from the principles of the United States military and encourages Mormons to never leave a man behind.

‘Don’t be silent. Don’t leave the wounded on the battlefield,’ he exults.

By the end of the video we are once again back in the young man’s room where he had previously been knocking back the choker but now courtesy of a concerned room mate he has come to realize the folly of his ways, the folly of his sexuality, the folly of his innate need to experience himself and the derelict respect of yet another religious sect that knows better than you how to appreciate your own body and right to fantasy.

The Mormon faith keeping you safely saddled amongst the fold at any perversion cost.

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  • Braden

    “Wounded on the Battlefield” has been interpreted as an anti-masturbation video, but a BYU-Idaho spokesman said that was not the intended message.

    “We regard addiction to pornography as a harmful and destructive vice. We also regard each other as brothers and sisters and believe we have a Christian obligation to watch out for the spiritual and physical well-being of those around us,” a statement from BYU-Idaho’s media relations office said. “The sole purpose of the video is to illustrate those principles for BYU-Idaho students as well as to encourage them to reach out in a spirit of love and concern if someone they know is struggling with any form of addiction. Any other interpretation of the video is inaccurate and unwarranted.”

    ~Fox News:

  • aj10

    I don’t see it. Did Scallywag even watch the video? When you click on the question mark below that is surrounded by a circle, there is a request to not “be a jerk or do anything illegal.” I think you should follow your own advice and at least be responsible enough to accurately characterize something you post. There’s not a single reference to masturbation. Watch the video. Why would you call it an “anti-masturbation” message? The “wounded” young man is addicted to pornography. Even a liberal outlet understands the perils of pornography and its destructive influence on individuals (especially young people in their formative years), marriages, and families.
    The “wound” that is highlighted in this video happens to be a pornography addiction; however, it could just as easily be a drug or alcohol addiction. Reaching out to someone (a friend or loved one) to help him or her overcome something that can negatively affect his or her life should always be commended. That is a universal message that transcends religion, political preference, nationality, race, or sexual orientation.