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Did Kaitlin Pearson leak her own photos to the media on purpose?

Kaitlin Pearson
Kaitlin Pearson. Did she leak her own photos to the media on purpose?

I found the following email in my inbox (I am keeping the sender’s name confidential) who posed the very interesting notion that school teacher/model Kaitlin Pearson of Fitchburg, Massachusetts leaked her own photos to the school where she worked as well as to the media on purpose. Why? Cause according to one theory Kaitlin Pearson is gunning for a modeling career and that is where her real ambition lies.

At the time, Pearson saw herself suspended and receiving the wrath of many concerned parents as well as the consternation of the school where she worked, who struggled to figure out if her vocation outside of school posed a moral or dangerous condition for the young children she taught.

After much back and forth, the school teacher got her job back but not before the nation got a good look at Kaitlin Pearson’s modeling shots. To be sure it was love at first sight.

I am not going to say I agree or necessarily know what the facts are. But I was piqued by the below email to publish it and ask the question:

Did Kaitlin Pearson stage her own leaking of photos that saw her get fired and consequentially receive nation wide media attention? And was this all under the guise of torpedoing her modeling career?

As it stands Kaitlin Pearson stands closer to winning the Miss Rave X 2014 model search of the year as a result of all the media attention she has received. Which kind of makes sense, given all the attention she has since received.

See what you think? Did Kaitlin Pearson leak her own photos to the school and media for the sake of getting extra attention or is the below the result of a jilted fan or even the real leaker?

Kaitlin Pearson

Kaitlin Pearson
via Facebook

Kaitlin Pearson reinstated after racy photo scandal

Kaitlin Pearson, elementary school teacher suspended after racy pics are sent to staff.

This is the whole reason Kaitlin Pearson did what she did. Kaitlin Pearson is the teacher’s aide from Fitchburg, Massachusetts who was suspended from her job because she is also a half-naked model, but was then reinstated. Check-out the links below.

The first link below goes to Kaitlin Pearson’s Facebook page where, in her last two posts, she talks about how the voting for the 2014 Model Search for some company called Rave X Motorsports has begun and how she wants her many fans to vote for her.

The first link she posts for this does not seem to work so she posts another link for it. And she is trying to get her many fans to vote for her so she can be “Miss Rave X 2014”, and so she can get that modeling contract.

When I called around over there and talked to couple of folks on the phone, I found-out that Kaitlin Pearson, as well as a lot of other aspiring “models”, have known about this model search for quite a while, and that Kaitlin Pearson, as well as other aspiring “models”, have been CAMPAIGNING for this model search for quite a while. Now it all makes sense.

THIS is the REAL reason Kaitlin Pearson did everything that she did. She had somebody “anonymously” give her half-naked photos to her school AND TO THE NEWS MEDIA there in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in hopes that it would become some kind of local controversy in order to get some free publicity there in there in her local area.

If somebody were trying to get her fired, I can understand them giving the photos to the school, but why give the photos to the news media? Because the goal was to get publicity for Katlin Pearson, that’s why. Yes, she got suspended from her job as a teacher’s aide, but she didn’t care about that because she really just wants to be a model.

Well, the story went national and she could not have been happier. She got the result she wanted. Now she is using her newfound fame to get people to vote for her in some model search. And what about the special-needs children who have come to depend and rely on her? Aw, to hell with them. They were just tools for Kaitlin Pearson to use to help her get fans so she could have them vote for her in some model search. They say that teaching is a noble profession…well, this girl is anything BUT noble. She is unscrupulous. She is a disgrace. She is shameful. And this is the person you guys in the media were championing. Good job, guys.





  1. Scott C is 100% correct, and if you actually knew Ms. Pearson, you wouldn’t feel the need to make up unsupported nonsense. Someone just like you tried to do her harm once already and she came out on top, because she hadn’t done anything wrong to begin with. Trash “reporting” from a site/author who’s only skill is to covert oxygen to methane. Article value 0.

  2. Before hurling this accusation around, you probably should find some proof. Because right now this unsubstantiated accusation is bordering on libel. Perhaps you should give that some thought…

  3. Seriously?!? Do you know Kaitlin on a personal level or have spoken with her to get her side of what really happened?!? Grow the fuck up and move on…

  4. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever wasted my time reading. You disagree with this girls life SO much, you took the time to write about her? Pathetic! Live and let live, or at least find a hobby other than someone else’s life.

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