Home Scandal and Gossip Female Bosnian judge fired after caught sunbathing naked on office desk.

Female Bosnian judge fired after caught sunbathing naked on office desk.

Female Bosnian judge fired
Why was this female Bosnian judge really fired?

Sexual discrimination?

A young female High Court Bosnian Judge was fired after she was photographed stripping and laying naked on her office desk to sunbath.

The scandal came to be revealed after paperwork regarding her actions were leaked to local media.

Naked Bosnian judge fired reinstated 

The report told how the female Bosnian judge had been spotted in her office at 8am exercising in the nude before proceeding to lay bare on the office desk to sunbathe.

Although the judge’s identity was kept sealed, the photo courtesy of an individual who had been looking on from another building along the way went viral.

From there the matter The ended up with the disciplinary commission of the Supreme Court, where the young Bosnian judge was fired after it ruled her behavior had ‘damaged the image of the Supreme Court’.

Told the report: ‘Her behaviour as a senior judge was not acceptable.’

The woman said however that her office door had been locked, and she was entitled to exercise as a way of warming up for the day ahead.

She said she had not expected any staff to be in the building opposite at that time.

Of note, Bosnia’s overriding system of faith is Muslim which has led to some observers wondering to what degree if any religious codes or mores or rules pertaining to women may have shaped the inquest’s decision. Of course one would be curious to know if the judge would still have been fired had they instead being a young male Bosnian judge sunbathing naked?


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