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Drunk Delta Airlines female passenger handcuffed after her sexual come ons are rebuffed by passenger

Drunk Delta Airlines female passenger
Sometimes being in the mood comes at one’s peril…

Being in ‘the mood’ can sometimes elicit a cavernous desire to behave at will and to abandon. Especially at high altitudes.

That may in part explain the recent behavior of one very drunk Delta Airline passenger who wound up being hand cuffed and eventually escorted off the plane after her sexual come ons were rebuffed by a fellow passenger.

Yes I know the least they could have done is whispered sweet nothings into our collective hero’s ear…alas it was not to be.

The war of rebuff came to happen this past Friday after a flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport bound for Salt Lake City had to be diverted on account of the pained reaction of one mortally dejected soul who just wanted the thrill of a 35 K feet above ground touch me up.

So enraged did our collective hero become upon being denied that airline staff were forced to handcuff her ass down whist the plane proceeded to land at the unscheduled locale of Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

Naturally whilst all the mayhem was taking place a passenger went on to record two videos of the incident.

In the first, expletive-filled recording, our collective dynamo can be heard saying over and over she will ‘f***ing kill’ the seat mate who rejected her advances and warning airline staff not to touch her.

Tender tender, now hush wounded pride of yours.

In the next video the woman is heard imploring a fellow passenger: ‘Hey, lady! Over there! I need help, this guy is holding me!’

Amidst the ranting the voice of the pilot is heard as he is left to the thankless task of having to apologize to fellow passengers for the sudden in flight indiscretions.

The passenger who took the videos has since told that the collective dynamo in question ‘had a few drinks’ and made sexual advances to a male passenger. He in turn refused her advances, which as on can expect made our dynamo rather furious.

The dynamo, who hasn’t been named, could face federal charges for causing a disturbance while the plane was in flight.

At the time when the plane landed at Minneapolis the female passenger was met by authorities. It is not entirely understood if she was still in the mood.

above image via jalopnik