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Couple attempt to stiff cabbie $83 fare after having sex in back of cab

Couple attempt to stiff cabbie
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A couple who attempted to stiff an Illinois cabbie out of his $83 fare after having sex in the back of his cab got a rude surprise.

It all came to be when Faisal Kokazeh, 28 picked up a couple of loaded love birds, Andrew Vukovich, 27 and Stephanie Herringer, 31 outside of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Rosemont at 3.30 am on February 9th.

It wasn’t too long after the couple, who it is believed had only met earlier that evening would take to messing around in the back of Kokazeh’s cab as he proceeded to take them to their destination.


Seeing as this would be a 40 minute journey back home, it wasn’t too long before the couple’s simply proceeded to make love in the back of the cab.

I know kids, why bother with formality and protocol, and never mind the driver, they’re always next to invisible, right?

After enduring (enjoying?) the couple’s display of amorous affection, the driver finally arrived at the couple’s final destination only to be told by the couple that they had no money to offer Faisal Kokazeh.

Unimpressed, Kokazeh called cops who gave the couple the ultimatum of paying for the fare or face being arrested.

Kids, I know, let’s all pause for a second and silently dwell on the many nights we’ve all misbehaved in the back of cabs and of course lets’ spare another moment for all those times you thought to yourself whether to make a run for it or not or simply give in and pay the cabbie his fare…

It wasn’t soon there after that Vukovich resorted to calling him mother (ahh yes…) using her credit card to sort the bill out.

Yet by then things had gone a little sour between Herringer and Zukovich (can anyone guess why?), who alighted the cab in front of his house without the presence of his hot date.

Unable to make her way back home, cops would take the woman back to the police station whereby eventually her brother in the dead of night dropped by to take her home.

Isn’t it time you made a public mess of things in your next cab ride home too?






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