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Spencer Toner, 79 year old Florida man arrested for jerking off in McDonald’s parking lot.

Spencer Toner
The life and times of Spencer Toner….

Spencer Toner, a 79 year old Florida man was arrested last week after purportedly jerking off to porn on a laptop in the front seat of his Mercedes while parked at the local McDonald’s.

The elderly man’s arrest came after he ‘was observed by a deputy looking at pornographic pictures on a laptop computer.’

Authorities went on to tell that Spencer Toner had been exhibiting himself in a 1982 black Mercedes Benz C300.

Told  Southwest Florida News-Press: After knocking on the car window, the deputy said Toner rolled the window down, removed the laptop, and asked if he could help the officer.

The deputy said that once the laptop was removed he saw that Toner’s pants were unbuttoned and there was a white rag placed between his legs.

Spencer Toner proceeded to tell the deputy that he’d stopped at the fast food vendor to get a bite. Yet that shit sounded off when a witness stepped forward and told that our collective hero Spencer Toner had been merrily jerking off as passerbys, even kids walked by.

When asked to cut it out, Spencer Toner had allegedly told customers ‘they were invading his privacy.’

I know kids, I like my Big Macs on the extra tangy white side too.

The man who tells lives out of his car (but what a nice car to live out of…) went on to be booked for indecent exposure and released on a $2,000 bond.

McDonald’s loving it and then some…

above image via gawker