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Oh really? Eliot Spitzer sucking toes of girlfriend Lis Smith at family resort.


Eliot Spitzer sucking toes

Eliot Spitzer divorce. Did Lis Smith break his marriage?

It seems our collective hero Eliot Spitzer has found himself starring in a new faux pas, this one involving the former disgraced politician sucking the toes of his new girlfriend, Lis Smith at a Jamaican family resort.

Until recently, Smith had been in the running to becoming newly appointed mayor Bill de Blasio‘s head of media relations but the 31 year old found herself being dropped after Blasio decided to nix her on account of the hubris surrounding her new affair with Spitzer.

Guests it was reported were only alerted that the pair were in town after a ten year old boy ran back to his parents screaming the following: ‘Mom, there’s an old guy in the Jacuzzi with this girl and she’s topless. He’s sucking on her toes!’ 

One witness told the New York Post that Smith ‘would sit in his lap… then he’d put her feet in his mouth.’ Another guest said ‘it was gross.’

However, Elitot Spitzer’s spokesman, Lisa Linden, has denied the accounts, adding: ‘These assertions are totally untrue.’

Kids can we digress for a minute. Are you all like me getting marginally distracted as you attempt to get on with your day…?

Friends of the pair have now also told claims were outrageous and wrong.

Told one to the New York Daily News: ‘The couple both understand the scrutiny they’re under.

‘That’s why they’re even more careful about their behavior. It makes [the rumor] even more ridiculous.’

The alleged faux pas took place at the Half Moon family resort in Montego Bay, where John and Jackie Kennedy stayed during his presidency.

The couple are said to have checked out of the hotel on Sunday night after a five-day trip.

On the second day of the break, Lis Smith tweeted a picture of the resort with the message: ‘Happy New Year. Here’s to spending 2014 with the person (or ppl) you love.’

Smith has gone on this morning to tweet dismay at being the latest gossip fodder courtesy of the nypost. Not that Smith’s new foreplay stimulator, Eliot Spitzer hasn’t been there all before…

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Eliot Spitzer sucking toes
Life at the Half Moon is always blissful until you become a tabloid wet dream.



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