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Kaitlin Pearson, elementary school teacher suspended after racy pics are sent to staff.

Kaitlin Pearson
Kaitlin Pearson. Should we care about one elementary teacher’s extracurricular activities?

Kaitlin Pearson an elementary school teacher aide has been suspended after racy modeling pictures ended up being sent to staff.

The pictures of the 23 year old part time model were sent anonymously to South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts which decided to suspend the aide with pay last Friday.

In making their decision, school officials told they were investigating whether her part time job affected her ability to work with children.

Photos also were sent to the Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper with a note saying, ‘Can you believe that this girl was hired to work with special education children in the Fitchburg schools?!!’

Some of the images show the model posing in bikinis and sportswear whilst other images show Kaitlin Pearson posing partially nude as she embraces other naked models. Yes kids, there’s saliva making down the front of my shirt too.

In the cover of a September 2013 issue of ModelsMania magazine, Pearson appears with another topless woman.

In an online profile for Model Mayhem she specifically says she does not pose fully nude.

‘I am energetic, creative, feisty, passionate about modeling, and I bring my love of life to every shoot!’ she writes. ‘I’m balancing modeling with a full time job, so my time is very precious. I am here to expand my modeling horizons and am interested in serious opportunities.’

Kaitlin Pearson

To date parents have had mixed reactions to the images.

Told one parent, Andy Saocedo: ‘You’re trying to be a role model for the kids,’

Told another: ‘She probably leaves work at work and her modeling career separate from her teaching career.’

Responded Kaitlin Pearson’s mother, Chuck Pearson: ‘That’s her private life,’ ‘She’s 23. She’s a grown up woman.’

Fitchburg schools superintendent Andre Ravenelle offered that in the past school officials have not ‘Googled’ individuals before hiring them, but may now start doing so in light of this incident.

Of course one wonders how elementary school children are necessarily wise enough to be offended of any bare skin photos, which is to say if anyone is really being offended it’s various parents who perhaps may have not come to terms with the display of open sexuality, even if it happens to be that of a teacher off campus activities.

Pearson says in a Facebook message she can’t comment because of legal issues.

Kaitlin Pearson reinstated after racy photo scandal 

Kaitlin Pearson





  1. I am in total agreement with you Rasp, this woman shouldn’t be held to some “church lady” code. Although cliche she was most likely/ quite possibly working her way through school modeling. I hope this backfires against the whistle blower and helps promote her modeling career. I am happy to hear her suspension was lifted. I know my sons would have no problem to have her a teacher and my husband even made the comment that if his teacher looked like that then he probably would have paid better attention when he was in school 🙂 What a woman does in her personal time or in the time before her transition into a new career should have no impact on her current position unless what she was doing was something illegal. Morality guidelines are set by each individual and are often specific to the situation. I am quite sure that Ms. Pearson never intended these pictures to be part of her teaching resume.

  2. I can’t wait until we move past this awful period in history where scumbags attempt to ruin schoolteacher’s careers and are successful… She took “racy” pictures, probably before she even became a teacher, does that mean she diddles kids? Of course not. So what’s the problem? There is none, except your stupid backwards attitudes. We’re not in the 1950s anymore. Teachers are human beings and sometimes (!) have a sex life and sexy hobbies like this. They can still be teachers. Grow up, stop thinking in binary and being so judgmental.

    I mean really… think about the ~brave soul~ who anonymously sent these pictures to the school where she works. Do you think he was concerned about the children being around this woman? No, that was furthest from his mind. He is a petty, lowlife, piece of human garbage who wanted to RUIN her CAREER. It doesn’t really matter if they were professionally shot for money or private photos, just because they’re out there floating around doesn’t mean it’s okay to pop it in their boss’s fucking inbox. Even if the employer doesn’t have a real moral problem with it they often end up firing the teacher anyway because people naturally are immature idiots and wouldn’t stop creating drama about it. Hey, think about it: it could happen to you. You don’t have photos like that? Well, some people are really good at Photoshop these days…

    Just wanted you to have a good think about this cowardly jackass before you start in with the “Hurr durr dumb slut had it coming” “Duuuhhh well she can always go back to her modeling career what’s the big deal” shit-flingin’ party

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