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Erica Ann Ginnetti, teacher charged with having sex with minor and sending x rated videos

Erica Ann Ginnetti
Did she abuse her authority? Was the student a willing participant?

Erica Ann Ginneti a 33 year old Pennsylvanian school teacher finds herself in deep shit after been charged with having sex with a 17 year old student along with sending the student inappropriate text messages and videos.

The teacher, a married mother of three, was arraigned Friday on more than a dozen charges of institutional sexual assault, corruption of minor and disseminating obscene materials to a minor.

Erica Ginnetti faces 14 years after admitting sex with 17 year old student. Sent him dirty videos.

According to investigators, the math and calculus teacher at Lower Moreland High School first approached the student last May during the senior prom, inviting him to come work out at her gym.

A few days later the 17-year-old responded to Ginnetti with a text message, and the two began communicating on a daily basis.

The criminal complaint against Ginnetti says that over the next several months, Ginnetti sent the minor sexually explicit text messages, photos depicting her wearing bikini, a thong and other underwear, and videos showing the woman undressing suggestively and performing a sexual act on herself, according to The Bucks County Courier Times.

The illicit relationship culminated in July 2013 when Ginnetti and the male student met for coffee in a Philadelphia Starbucks and then drove to an industrial park to have sex in in the teacher’s car.

Erica Ann Ginnetti

Erica Ann Ginneti then allegedly dropped off the minor back at the coffee shop and asked him not to tell anyone about their encounter.

During her arraignment, the teacher was released on $50,000 bail pending a preliminary hearing scheduled for Valentine’s Day, February 14.

As part of her bail condition, Ginnetti has been forbidden to have unsupervised contact with any minors except for her own children, ages 8, 11 and 14. She must also surrender her passport, and the authorities will keep track on her using a GPS device.

Lower Moreland School District Superintendent Dr. Marykay Feeley told in a statement this morning that Ginneti has been placed on an administrative leave ahead of her impending termination.

The allegations against the married mother-of-three came to light Wednesday when police got a tip from someone who had overhead students at Lower Moreland discussing X-rated pictures showing a minor and Ginnetti doing ‘sexual things.’

Kids I’m going to just step to the side and take a long sip of my chamomile tea while my nerves decompress.


Erica Ann Ginnetti
Erica and her husband have several young children

When police questioned the 17-year-old boy, the teen came clean about his affair with Ginnetti, who also confessed to having a relationship with the student, police said.

Told Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman: I would say that she treated her relationship with this student as she would have treated a relationship with an adult with whom she was involved.’

Police said they found several texts the lovers had exchanged discussing their July outing and one mentioning ‘a used condom that had been left in Ginnetti’s vehicle,’ according to the criminal complaint.

On the night of the alleged tryst, after he returned home, the student told police he got a text from Ginnetti asking him to ‘do it again.’

At present it is not understood why Ginnetti set on the boy and if it had something to do with the usurption of power over the boy whose trust was breached by the role model of that of teacher.

And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder:

There are two reactions when there is a teacher-student sexual relationship, as far as how the media cover the story in the US. If it’s a female teacher, there isn’t as much coverage, and it’s almost romanticized and celebrated (Mary Kay Letourneau), and in the end very little real punishment. However, when the story involves a male teacher he is vilified from all sides, and the punishment is more severe. I think it’s the perception that the male teacher is taking advantage of his student, while the male student is seen as being a participant rather than a victim. Any teacher who crosses the line with a student should face harsh punishment and lose all possibility of ever teaching again.

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    Wow,it sure does look like her anyways.If not cut the pic,story remains the same.

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    Check your sources…The girl with the KCCO is NOT Erica!

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    Is it just me or without long hair she would look like a boy?

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    Right on Kookykev312. I do not care what anyone says about this was some sort of consensual sex with a 17 year old. This woman is a pedophile.

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    So being a nice person and “hell of an kickboxing instructor” makes her an acceptable pedophile?!Thats WHACK.

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    What a shame. What was she thinking??? I feel sorry for her children.She is a very nice person a hell of an kickboxing instructor.I will keep her family in my prayers.