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Peru police arrest internet predator accused of blackmailing children across the world to perform sex acts on camera.

Peru police arrest internet predator
Arturo Dodero Tello

Peru police have gone on to tell that they have arrested Arturo Dodero Tello, a 29 year old man who they identify as the internet predator who has been trolling the web in search of vulnerable children to blackmail into performing sex acts on camera. Some as young as 6 years old.

Considered the most prolific paedophile in the Spanish speaking world, the man was detained this past Thursday after an 18 month dual continent undercover operation by police in Spain and Peru.

Tello faces charges of targeting children in countries across South America and Europe – including Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ukraine and Spain, and selling the videos he made of them across the world.

According to some reports, pedophiles are switching to Latin America following recent crackdowns in Asia.

To date, Tello is also accused of belonging to an international sex gang.

Police investigators claim Tello would befriend his victims by using an email account where he posed as a schoolboy using the alias Maxi. He would then persuade his victims to take photos and videos in just their underwear.

Tello would subsequently blackmail them into making videos of themselves naked and performing sex acts.

Most of the girls he allegedly targeted were aged 6 to 10. Spanish investigators said during a press conference in Lima, the Peruvian capital, that 14 minors in Spain had come forward to claim they had been blackmailed.

Police in Spain made the first breakthrough after discovering one of the videos in a private internet forum featuring a girl with a Gran Canaria school logo on her shirt.

From there authorities tipped off colleagues in Peru after identifying the girl and obtaining Tello’s details from an email created in Argentina which his victim gave them.

Authorities have since seized more than 200 videos during a search of Tello’s home in Lima along with other material they believe could lead them to more victims.

Tellingly, Tello tried to hide a hard disk containing the pornographic material as officers burst into his property – but they discovered them concealed in a hole in the wall behind his bed.

Told Spanish police chief Ignacio Coslido: ‘This has been an arduous investigation which has led to the imprisonment of a depraved individual who preyed on the most defenseless and vulnerable.’

Jose Maria Martins of the child protection division of Spain’s Technological Investigation Brigade, also went on to tell: ‘The most important thing is that we have removed the most prolific sexual predator we have ever encountered in the Spanish-speaking world.’

Gen Cesar Cortijo of the Peruvian police, said: ‘We are still investigating the totality of the children involved.’

Promoting or selling child pornography in Peru carries an eight year prison sentence. Which of and within itself might inform one of what some would consider the permissive and lax attitude towards exploitation of minors and the ease that Tello went on about his tasks.