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Oh really? Michael Ciccareli, History teacher barges into student’s home and beats the shit out of him.

Michael Ciccareli
Michael Ciccareli is also a preferred hawt bixch.

What to think, what to say…?

It seems one King City, California High school teacher had a bit of aggression stored up for one of their students as their ass went on to barge into a 15 year old student’s home and beat the shit out of him.

Reports have since told that the victim was fucking a female teenage relative of the history teacher, Michal Ciccareli, 45, which of course gives one extra authority to do as they please as all the messiness is family related.

According to cops, our collective hero noticed that both teens were absent from a wrestling practice meet on November 21 and from there decided to take a trip over to the boy’s house.

Once inside the house, Ciccareli went on to literally rips the bedroom door hinges off (hell knows no fury kids) where he went on to find the pair, who are said to be dating, in the process of having consensual sex.

From there, Michael Ciccareli grabbed the boy and began to savagely beat the boy up. Naturally.

Cops have since told the following: “Ciccareli punched John Doe with a closed fist several times in the face, and at one point kicked him in the face while he was on the ground.” 

The boy for good measure went on to suffer a broken nose.

Interestingly reports on the web tell the afflicted student was on probation for prior bad behavior and had once already been kicked off the school wrestling team.

At present it’s not known whether Michael Ciccareli will be invited back to the school to teach or the family relative’s house who’s boyfriend he went on to assault.

Reports go on to tell at present substitute teachers will be teaching Ciccareli’s classes pending a school district report.



  1. Total respect for doing the right thing. “John Doe” sounds like a sophomore douche bag who got what he deserved.

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