Home Fashion Megalolz t shirts designed by Lostprophets pedophile Ian Watkins go viral.

Megalolz t shirts designed by Lostprophets pedophile Ian Watkins go viral.

Megalolz t shirts
Megalolz t shirts. Are you ordering yours too?

Ian Watkins, Lostprophets pedophile jailed for 29 years. Are there more victims?

Call it a meme, an intrusion, an aberration, fascination, our collective intrigue with the abominable, insatiable or just plain counter culture in the face of depravity, or just morbid curiosity, sales of Megalotz t shirts as designed by Lostprophets pedophile Ian Watkins are going viral.

The surge in sales comes off the back of yesterday’s 29 year (plus 6 under license) conviction of the Lostprophets lead singer, Ian Watkins who had told during court proceedings his gory pursuits were ‘megalolz.’

Despite what some may opine to be tasteless, creepy or plain offensive, sales of the iconic t shirt have now gone viral, having sold out online, according to online retailer, Amazon.

There was only one “Mega Lolz!!!” t-shirts left on online auction website Ebay – selling for $25.

The slang short for ‘laughing out loud,‘ comes off the back of Watkins delving into graphic design, which is what the rocker had studied at university before venturing off to become a musician.

At the time, the shirts were meant to exist as accommodating merchandizing and branding for the band.

Perhaps one of the chilliest moments during court proceeding was when the court heard that the front man had made a call to a fan whilst incarcerated and told: ‘I am going to put a statement out just to say it was Mega Lolz.’ 

Then going on to add: ‘I don’t know what everyone is getting so freaked out about.’

The frontman, who has sold more than 3.5 million records, launched his own clothing line called, appropriately, Made In Hell in 2008.

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