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Ladies have you tried the new vajacial? Will boost confidence in bed.



A London, UK spa, EF Medispa is now claiming that they have launched a sex package, colloquially termed the vajacial that they promise will boost women’s confidence in the bed.

Priced at 850 pounds ($1400)the service includes vaginal rejuvination (which includes banishing bodily woes, tending to ahem loose vaginal muscles), laser hair remova and cleavage peel service.

The service tells the spa’s founder, Esther Fieldgrass who seeks to tend to that part of the body that can sometimes cause women concern and hence kill desire.

Tells Fieldgrss of the wares that fly out the spa: ‘This treatment gives absolutely amazing results to both older women and younger women, because not only does it work to naturally rejuvenate the vagina and restore and improve the vagina’s natural lubrication, it also encourages blood flow to the area, which intensifies pleasure.’

Tells the UK’s dailymail: First on the menu is the spa’s Neckline Define Peel, £350 per treatment, which involves using Pyruvic acid and Acetyl glucosamine to smooth and hydrate the neck and bust, ironing out wrinkles in the process.

Once your decollete has been given a new lease of life, London’s EF Medispa will give your legs some love courtesy of permanent laser hair removal, which costs £270 per session and will leave your pins fuzz-free forever.

Lastly, the spa will give your lady area a makeover with the AQ Vaginal Rejuvenating System, which tightens and lubricates your nether region.

The serum, which costs £220 for a month’s supply, was originally developed as a cream for wounds by the University of California Irvine’s Professor Ahmed Al-Aqhtani and contains ethically sourced ‘progenitor foreskin stem cells’, which are thought to help boost cell renewal.

And then there was this comment that brought a rude smile to my face:

Also available are such options as vaginal steaming (who would have thought?) which is said to leave the nether regions squeaky clean, and the vaginoplasty, which reshapes the area, first appeared in the USA before making their way to Europe.

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