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Italian girl gang-raped after a false Facebook page told she was ‘available to anyone.’


Italian girl gang-raped

A 14 year old Italian girl has been gang-raped by at least 8 men after a former friend set up a false Facebook page saying the girl was ‘available to anyone.’

The schoolgirl had trustingly left her Facebook page unlocked, allowing a school friend, reportedly acting in revenge for a petty quarrel, to paste pictures of her, along with her phone number.

After the teenager’s name, mobile telephone number and other personal details went on to be posted on Facebook “as a joke,” she was contacted by the men, aged from 16 to 25, and raped in a park in the port town of Molfetta in the southern region of Puglia.

The assault told the girl took place in April but she only found the courage to report the attack to police this past week.

Authorities have since gone on to arrest four men, one aged 20, two aged 21, and another aged 25.

Four other young men, who were under the age of 18 at the time of the attack, are also being investigated.

The teenager is said to have been lured to a public park in the town, which lies to the north of the regional capital of Bari, by the men after they befriended her.

Told prosecutors: “After inviting her to follow them into the park on the pretext of having a chat, they violated her one by one, heedless of her cries for help. Once the gang rape was over, the girl was abandoned there.”

The girl told investigators that the attack had been witnessed by a park warden. “He told me that even though he heard my screams, he didn’t intervene because he thought it was none of his business,” she told.

The men ordered her not to reveal the attack to anyone, threatening to tell her family and anyone else who knew her in the town that she was “easy.”

The intimidation continued throughout the summer, with at least two more rapes and other acts of intimidation.

The girl was so terrified that she destroyed the SIM card of her mobile phone in the hope of cutting off all contact with the gang.

The former friend who set up the false Facebook account denied responsibility for the attacks, telling police that “everyone in Molfetta knew she was an easy girl.”

The 14-year-old eventually confided in a relative, who insisted she file a report with the police.

Offered lead prosecutor Francesco Giannella: “This is a distressing and squalid affair,”

It showed that “many young people do not take into account the consequences of abusing social media networks.”

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  3. No one said it was funny we said fishy. You have grown men calling you and want to meet at a park and you see nothing wrong with it and go. That sounds fishy.

  4. Well ok – in legal terms (and I am taking you are your word) you say that she is of a *legal* age to consent to sex.
    However, does the mental and emotional skill of a 14 yr old match those of (more than one man) over 20? 25? How is a 14 yr old supposed to be as astute and street smart as adult men.
    A youngster of either sex should be able to rely on the older person – especially an adult – to protect them.
    – and no nevermind that there was a witness – don’t trouble yourself trying to think how a girl meets up not with just ONE rapist – but EIGHT. What sort of place gets 8 rapists all thinking the same thing to plot and overpower a kid.
    Have men in Italy lost all sense of honour?
    It would seem so.

  5. No it’s not always the victim’s fault. You go off with all these strange men you just met, what do you think’s going to happen!!

  6. that’s what I say… how do you meet these men and go into a park with them., 14 or not she should have known better, and why keep letting this mess go on..something is sure fishy.about this mess!

  7. With your train of thought then it is always the victims fault. Why did you get cash from an ATM if you didn’t want to get robbed? Why were you driving home from work late at night when drunks are more likely to get behind the wheel of a car? Your argument is a slippery slope if we excuse the behaviours of criminals because law abiding citizens shouldn’t have crossed their path then there will be no place left to walk.

  8. This story is fishy. Plenty of holes in this story. Who was she suppose to be meeting at the park? The men or some friends? 14 is young and you do stupid things but you should know not to meet a whole punch of men in a park.

  9. You sound like a chi-mo who tries to justify their (as well as those like minded individuals) perverted thoughts and actions to the rest of society while behind a computer screen. I really hope you are not around any children unsupervised.

  10. are there any moderators who monitor whats posted on facebook??? They are liable to be sued..as the devastating events that took place had its start of origin from a single post. The so called friend should be penalised and facebook should also be penalised as they allowed such a post about a minor be posted. With all the technology…at their disposal..you cant manufacture a software which will prevent post like these to be added to the site?

  11. i hear what you saying about the virgin thing, but aside from that she’s young and could easily be intimidated or influenced. plus even though it says she was meeting “them” they probably posed it as a group of “friends” were hanging out and implied that there would be other females there having her think it was cool to go no knowing that it was an ambush. But even if she was slutty at the tender age of 14 NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment. as for her having sexual encounters past the initial gang rape intimidation and black is a muthah! she probably felt she had no choice.

  12. well if they said anything about the rape incidents while contacting her on her phone (since everybody texts more than talks) that is evidence enough. Everything is still on file with the phone company. But my question is, is how do they know who posted it? did the person admit to it? Also can’t the person who hacked the girls facebook page go down as an accessory if the other men are found guilty of sexual assault? this case is about to be messy!!!!!

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  14. Dear pig, It doesn’t matter whether she staked herself out naked on a vacant lot; she is 14 – ie: underage and they are all old enough to know better and have some damned decency about them. No honourable adult takes advantage of a youngster like that.

  15. Some girls even like rape and fantasize about being dominated. I also know of two girls who had sex, liked it, but were crazy and later lied calling it rape. If it is nonconsensual, what is keeping them from talking about it RIGHT AWAY. It’s more embarassing to the individual to NOT TALK ABOUT IT and wait on it leaving doubt to the people who do hear about it eventually. I was unlucky enough to date trash who later confided that she liked getting raped though she cried before and said she didn’t like it but didn’t scream or act discouraging or otherwise at the time. Some women like it rough but don’t find it convenient in social setting or social vampires seeking sympathy. This story reeks.

  16. I don’t know something is fishy about this story… I mean didn’t the girl noticed that her Facebook was changed? After so many message you would check or someone would tell you. Also why would she agree to meet a whole bunch of strange men at a park especially after what I would imagine was a lot of dirt messages, flirting and sex talk? Only 14 and you have an unsupervised Facebook and no problem meeting multiple older men in a deserted place? Besides 14 she should be a virgin, 8 grown men rape you at that age if your a virgin you can’t hide that shit, you’d be in the hospital unable to move or walk bleeding all over. How could she hide and keep that to herself. Then she proceeds to have more sex with some of the men later and eventually decides to tell about the rape. Sounds to me more like she is a slutty girl who is later regretting her actions and calling rape.

  17. Welcome to the age of social media. The messages used to intimidate the girl probably still exist, and the rapists probably bragged to each other about the crime through text messages…and then there’s the park warden, who even though he failed to intervene may still be useful as a witness.

  18. Most likely the communication was done by text messages and the cell company has copies. Those added with her testimony will likely be enough; though if there were 8 individual rapists there is also a high likelihood that numerous confessions will be given in hopes of sentence reductions (your basic prisoners dilemma).

  19. This is terrible, but I wonder how they can press charges when there is no further evidence of the rape. If it happened in April there can’t possibly be any proof, so the only way the men can be charged is if a few of them admit what happened.

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