Home Scandal and Gossip Bonita Lynn Vela cuts man’s genitals with a box cutter.

Bonita Lynn Vela cuts man’s genitals with a box cutter.

Bonita Lynn Vela
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Bonita Lynn Vela has been arrested after slicing a man’s genitals with a box cutter after accusing him of molesting her two year old son. At the time of the trauma, Vela was under the influence of marijuana.

At the time of her arrest the woman had been holding the 18 year old man captive for three and a half hours with the help of two others at a mansion suite trailer park in Franklin, Indiana.

The man, believed to be the boyfriend of Vela’s daughter, told police that the woman was ‘out of control’ and ‘extremely mad.’ He adamantly denied her accusations of molestation.

Along with acknowledging that she had consumed marijuana the woman told she unsure if she had also taken any other good shit.

Vela told cops that she had been at a friend’s house when she took the good shit and by 3 a.m. and had become angry and demanded that one of her friends retrieve the 18-year-old to confront him.

Two people held the man down as Vela threatened him, saying she would ask friends to ‘take him out’ with guns by tying him to a tree, shooting him in the head and leaving his body to be eaten by animals, the victim told police.

Vela then allegedly gave him an ultimatum – allow her to cut his penis or be killed or have his penis cut completely off.

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Vela initially began stabbing at the man’s penis with a fork in efforts to draw blood but was unsuccessful, the man said. She then found a box-cutter and “cut him deep,” said the man, who showed police his injuries.

According to the police report she said she ‘wanted to scar him so that he would have to look at it every time that he had sex in the future.’

From there Vela got increasingly angry, shouting at the man to admit to the abuse of her son. He begged them not to call the police, denying her angry accusations.

She said that if ‘didn’t have anything to hide then he should let her “cut him.”

The 18-year-old said he thought the trio would ‘go to great lengths to hurt or kill him’ and that one of them had filmed the incident which left him with a deep cut to the penis.

Vela has since told investigators that she only meant to scare the young man and never intended to hurt him.

The man was taken to Johnson Memorial Hospital for his injuries.

Vela remains in the Johnson County Jail with $28,000 bond charged with criminal confinement with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon.

No other arrests have been made but investigations into Vela’s molestation accusations are underway.




  1. Two men holding the 18 year old down as Vela cuts his penis with a box cutter! Should all three be charged with same crimes, to include conspiracy to maim, attempted murder, etc.?

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