Home Scandal and Gossip Anthony Brinkman posts craigslist ad seeking someone to rape his daughter.

Anthony Brinkman posts craigslist ad seeking someone to rape his daughter.


Anthony Brinkman

Anthony Brinkman, a 32 year old Missouri man has gone on to be arrested after reportedly soliciting individuals to beat and rape his 11-year-old daughter.

Authorities having been made aware of the ad after a craigslist user flagged it for ‘abuse’ (you think?) decided in turn to answer the ad which led to Brinkman telling he sought a a woman to be his girlfriend and help him sexually assault his daughter with sex toys.

After sending the detectives photos of the girl, Brinkman and an officer agreed to meet at a local Cracker Barrel.

At the time, officers were waiting for Anthony Brinkman when he arrived with his daughter, going on to arrest him on a charge of attempted statutory sodomy.

Told St. Louis County Detective Mike Slaughter“It’s just a lot of talk for most of these guys, but this guy actually brought (the girl) to the scene to go ahead with the next step of enacting it.”  

Police do not currently suspect that Brinkman had previously abused the girl, but say that Brinkman may be in possession of child porn.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has since charged Anthony Brinkman with attempted statutory sodomy. He remains jailed on a $100,000 cash-only bond. Prosecutors will pursue additional charges of sex trafficking of a minor with a grand jury.

Contemplated Slaughter: “Isn’t your first thought, ‘Am I going to get caught?’

‘Are people just going to sit by and say this is OK?'”

“But sometimes the Internet gives you a false sense of security.”

It is not at present understood why the father necessarily chose to seek to engage in the solicitation. Not that such things are ever really understood in the first place.

Went on to add Slaughter:  “If we hadn’t gotten involved and someone bad had gotten in touch with him, something bad would have happened to that little girl.”