Home Scandal and Gossip Austrian baker sued after showing penis shaped cookies to two female assistants.

Austrian baker sued after showing penis shaped cookies to two female assistants.



A 47 year old Austrian baker has been sued to the tune of 4000 Euro  ($5400 USD) by his his two female assistants after going on to offer them ginger bread biscuits shaped like erect penises and topped with (delicious) whipped cream.

The employees who demanded 2000 Euro each claimed that the cookies were decorated with dollops of icing sugar to simulate ejaculate, which they argue ere intended to sexually intimidate them.

The Salzburg baker, whose identity has not been revealed had only sought to show off his new creation.

He said it was the type of confection popular at parties held before weddings, and he hoped to that the pair would promote to his shop’s customers

It is thought the Austrian baker may may have gotten the idea for his phallic edibles after pop star, Miley Cyrus went on to cause a stir after she bought her boyfriend an X-rated cake for his 22nd birthday last year.

Cyrus, then 19, gave Liam Hemsworth a giant penis-shaped cake at a party at Club Icon in Downtown Los Angeles – and then posed for photos pretending to lick and bite it.

But despite the acceptance of the luminaries of the U.S. music industry, the frauleins of Austria’s fourth largest city were unimpressed with their employer’s attempts to replicate the penis baked good.

In comments quoted by the English-language Salzburg Times, the baker went on to defend his actions:

‘These cakes are really popular with stag nights and hen nights and other similar events,’

‘These clients like our sexy products and they use them in their own lives as a bit of fun. It’s no place for prudes.’

The court later dropped the case after hearing the two women had accepted an out of court settlement.

The cakes incidentally tells the baker ‘…has gone on to become one of our very best sellers.’

It is understood the two women have since been fired from their jobs.