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Ernst & Young is also now a sexy boys magazine too…


Ernst & Young

Here’s an interesting conundrum that’s forcing accounting consulting stalwart outlet, Ernst & Young. It’s eponymous good name is now being shared by that of a new publication dedicated to the titillation of hot young boys strutting the insides of your imagination.

Explains the LA Times: Before Ernst & Young rebranded itself EY, maybe it should have run a quick Google search.

The giant London-based accounting firm and professional services company now shares a name with a racy magazine, EY! Magateen. The magazine, which features scantily clad young men, is the work of Luis Venegas, a Spanish creative director known for his flamboyant, sexually charged fashion publications.

A Google image search of “EY” brings up photos of young male models clad in low-cut briefs, right alongside the Ernst & Young logo and some exterior shots of the company’s offices.

Kids, let’s be honest. Is that scanty shit going to stop you from hiring Ernst and Young to explain to you the wicked accounting errors of your ways? Which is a roundabout way of asking, what’s in an image and should a dour profession such as accounting be too concerned about racy young boys frolicking?

A media spokesperson for EY (the London company, not the raunchy magazine) did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

In a statement, the company said its new name and logo present an “opportunity to strengthen and modernize how we represent ourselves in markets around the world to our clients.”

So much for rebranding? Then again weren’t Ernst & Young the accounting outlet that were behind the biggest sleaze in corporate America? Enron.

So much for image rehaul indeed….