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Michael Jackson paid off 24 boys after groping tells FBI report.


Michael JacksonAccording to secret FBI files just released, Michael Jackson is said to have been a serial child predator who went on rampages to seduce young boys at his Neverland ranch. But rather risk prosecution the pop star paid off parents of as many two dozen boys  to the tune of $35 million over the course of 15 years.

The files go on to allege that the star groomed and molested young boys from at least 1989, despite claims he was only just spending time with them.

The files go on to assert that Michael Jackson was a pedophile who took to watching porn while groping his child guests’ genitals in a secret theater room at his Never Land ranch.

The FBI files are said to have come about after an intervention with celebrity private eye Anthony Pellicano, whose files were seized by the FBI in 2002, including files the spy had on Michael Jackson.

Although going to trial in 2005 on charges of molestation, the files that the FBI had were never presented in Michael Jackson’s trial. At present it is not understood why those files were never released to prosecutors. Despite wide controversy the pop star was eventually cleared of all molestation charges against him in July of 2005.

Reports go on to describe how Andrew Pellicano, now currently serving time for racketeering and wire taping was initially hired by the pop star in order to make the allegations go away. Pellicano would go on to say that Michael Jackson was obsessed with child porn and preyed on the sons of friends.

The investigator said he kept copies of FBI documents naming 17 boys – including five child actors and two dancers – Jacko targeted for abuse.

These included a European boy and the sons of a screenwriter.

The sleuth said at least three boys were paid to stay silent, with the family of a famous film actor given about $596,300 not to talk to the media, purportedly because the pop star was concerned the effect on his image if the allegations were ever made public.

Pellicano went on to tell that a Neverland maid was allegedly paid $2 million after accusing Jackson of molesting her son, while another woman who knew her son was being assaulted ‘turned a blind eye to it because if it didn’t bother him, it didn’t bother her’. An incredulous assertion if true.

The files on the alleged victims were reportedly compiled when lawyers drew up a list of ‘potential threats‘ to Jackson’s image in the early 1990s, when he was on a world tour.

While Jackson was found not guilty of abusing a 13-year-old boy in 2005, the private eye insists the boxes of evidence he helped to collect showed ‘Jackson was a serial child predator’.

Recorded transcripts of the FBI files would describe how the star would invite a whole range of children and their parents to the ranch and from there have one of his assistants bring to him those children he sought interest in where he would spend all night with them until the balance of the following morning. The tapes go on to imply that the parents were fine with this arrangement, and that they never believed that their children were ever in danger whilst with Jackson.

Others have gone on to wonder if any of the allegations against Jackson are true given the lack of evidence and if whether the singer was extorted by parents who realized the singer feared any accusations would mortally ruin his career.

The investigator went on to tell he didn’t come forward to upset Jackson’s children, but to finally make public that authorities have shocking information on the dead star that has never been released.

At present it is not understood why the sleuth hired by Pellicano who would come to amass the files on Jackson agreed to come forward at this point and why for that matter the FBI had not pursued Jackson earlier. Equally ambiguous is how the UK’s dailymirror who is breaking this story came across the FBI reports in the first place. Interestingly the mirror at this point has chosen to keep the identity of the Pellicano sleuth who amassed the purported acts of Michael Jackson.

In a jailhouse interview in 2011, Pellicano claimed he dropped Jackson as a client because he “did something far worse” than molesting young boys.

“I quit after I found out some truths. He did something far worse to young boys than molest them,”

The report comes just days after Wade Robinson, dancer-choreographer, now 30, revealed how he’d been allegedly abused by Jackson beginning at age seven and said it continued unabated for a period of seven years.

And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder as well:

Typical media frenzy, simply copy pasting the news hoping they had get an extra click on their websites without bothering to report the contradicting facts behind this news. Its a slow news day alright. This is an obvious attempt by a desperate company which is getting revealed as the culprit with each passing day as they fight against the Michael Jackson’s estate. The timing and the nature of the news source speaks for itself. In this age of information no one can be fooled easily. The people involved in those tapes have been known to do rounds hoping they could sell their story to the tabloids. The actual FBI files reveal nothing about any wrongdoing by MJ and they are available on the net. Whatever is being reported now have been proven false.

Michael Jackson was a victim of a string of extortion attempts and the fact that all of the “supposed” victims accepted the cheques and not even ONE came out seeking proper justice without accepting the money proves that.



  1. Michael Jackson was a victim of a string of extortion attempts and the fact that all of the “supposed” victims accepted the cheques and not even ONE came out seeking proper justice without accepting the money proves that.

  2. He wasn’t a pedophile, people would do anything for money, the last part of the article says it all!

  3. of course MJ is guilty…i mean, look at that face, it speaks a lot about who he was, a real pedophile.

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