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Female Israeli soldiers post more nude pics after being disciplined.

Israeli female soldiers
Israeli female soldiers, newest image.

A group of unwieldy female Israeli soldiers have gone on to stir the pot after having posted semi nude images of themselves on Facebook. The action led to them being disciplined but nevertheless the female soldiers went on to post more semi nude images soon after.

The fracas came to light after 4 female soldiers posted an image of themselves in a state of undress whilst donning combat gear on a facebook page. Needless to say the image went viral and it wasn’t too long before the women involved were brought in for disciplinary action.

Despite being disciplined and lectured on the correct etiquette of being an Israeli soldier the women went on to post more images of themselves in undress whilst once again donning combat gear.

The action comes of the back of female conscripts daring to reveal their ahem, cheeky side. It is a known fact that all males and females are required to serve in the military upon turning 18 leading some to wonder if the images portend to rising discontent of having to be conscripted and the general reality that most 18 year old’s minds are more often fixated on the inane and the rambunctious and their new found sexuality.

Local media agency Walla goes on to say the  recent images are the latest in a string of episodes involving young Israeli soldiers on social media that have drawn reprimand from the military, with the military finding itself increasingly chagrined as more acts of defiance have become the norm.

And then there was this astute observation that had me wondering as well:

All this leads me to ask whether these camera-posing IDF women are simply feeding the beast of objectification, or doing something much more subversive—namely, taking the age-old problem of objectification of women, appropriating it, and turning it on its head for all to see and examine?

Israeli female soldiers
Original image that appeared last week.

Israeli female soldiers

Israeli female soldiers

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